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  1. Sébastien St-Vincent

    Happy Birthday Johnny Christ!

    Thank you, Johnny would be proud of me. I celebrated that with beer and wine HAHAHA
  2. Sébastien St-Vincent

    Happy Birthday Johnny Christ!

    thank you guys. I appreciat it 😁
  3. Sébastien St-Vincent

    Happy Birthday Johnny Christ!

    yeah bro :rock-hand: ... I will celebrate his birthday too in the same way, because it's my birthday too hahahaha :cool:
  4. Sébastien St-Vincent

    Alternate Picking Exercises 3 – Lesson 75

    can't wait to be at this level hahahah
  5. Sébastien St-Vincent

    I want to say the same than all the others. I'm here too for you and everyone. I can be the ears...

    I want to say the same than all the others. I'm here too for you and everyone. I can be the ears and can try to help too. take care of you. we are more than a community we are a family.
  6. Sébastien St-Vincent

    What are you currently listening to?

    hahaha I listen so many things at the same times. It's going by Iron Maiden, The Ramones, The killers (mr. brightside a classic), some Sabaton too hahaha. So I will let you with my favourite song at the moment. Bonzo goes to bitburg
  7. Sébastien St-Vincent


    Hey Welcome to the family. I'm doing good I hope you too ;) ... I see we have the same blood type :syngates:
  8. Sébastien St-Vincent


    Hey Lauren, Welcome :syngates: really love your picture! I should do something like that one day hahaha see ya around :rock-hand:
  9. Sébastien St-Vincent

    🚨 Contest Announcement!!! 🚨

    Thank you for this contest!!! :D It would be the perfect birthday gift for me :devilish: I think I already have a good name in my mind hehe
  10. Sébastien St-Vincent


    Hello😊, thank you... and nice I went many times in Alberta but never in BC. Maybe after covid 😉
  11. Sébastien St-Vincent


    Thank you everyone!! I really appreciate your advice 😁
  12. Sébastien St-Vincent


    Thanks buddy, best explanation ever!!
  13. Sébastien St-Vincent


    HAHA thanks bro! 🤘 :) The thing is I already have a Laney tube LC30 100W, but I want to have many other sound. I don't know if it's really good or should I buy something else? maybe pedals or something like the Axe-Fx or Helix line 6. I'm a bit lost when we talk about changing sound.
  14. Sébastien St-Vincent


    Hello everyone 🤘:cool: !! I'm Sebastien from Quebec, Canada. I am a beginner. I praticed with an LTD deluxe 1001. I sold it, because I wanted the syn custom-s during 15 years, so I made the move haha. I need suggestion for amp or pre amp. I'm doing more punk, metal stuff but I want to experiment...
  15. Sébastien St-Vincent

    Introduction To Simple Chords – Em & G – Lesson 12

    Just to make sense in my head. What is the difference between a minor chord and a major chord?