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    if i made a video with tips on that for here exclusively would you be interested

    if i made a video with tips on that for here exclusively would you be interested
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    Comment by 'Ryan Vega' in media 'Trashed and Scattered Chorus'

    Hell yeah love that song 🤟
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    Legato I

    When i've been going at it for a long time yeah, cause practicing lots of legato just starts to your left hand tired and tense since that's all you are really using. I've learned to just take 5 minutes like every 30 minutes i'm practicing strictly legato, but you can do it ever 10 minutes or...
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    Sweep Picking II

    It's 120...if you select recordings at the bottom of the video and change it to synthetic, you can change the bpm to be slower/faster. Hope that helps
  5. Talk Dirty to Me Solo

    Talk Dirty to Me Solo

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    Looking for Green Day song suggestions!

    Basket case!
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    Comment by 'Ryan Vega' in media 'Shepherd Of Fire Guitar Solo Cover'

    awesome man you killed it 🙌 what do you use to edit the video?
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    How to make strings feel "slinkier"?

    if you want looser strings you need to give it more slack before you wind them up at the pegs. For example, after you pull the string from the bridge into the peg, you wanna pull it back out towards the bridge, not too much only like to the end of the first fret, bend it outside the peg so it...
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    Shepherd Of Fire solo

    No problem brother glad I could help :) hmu whenever
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    Suggestions on a second guitar.. lefty

    when you get that new guitar it'll also be in standard tho, just take it to your local guitar shop and ask them to set it up to the tuning you want, they'll treat you right ;)
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    Shepherd Of Fire solo

    I wouldn't worry about practicing techniques so much before learning the solo, although it will help to practice so you should, learning stuff you love like that is a lot more fun and will help you develop those techniques on it's own once you've got it. When i was a kid and learning all the a7x...
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    if your daw has a stock one just use that one, and if not you'll need to find one on the web...

    if your daw has a stock one just use that one, and if not you'll need to find one on the web, tbh any should do. I've made some pretty cool mixes using just the stock plug-ins ableton comes with tbh. If you have one though this guy helped me a lot when I was first learning eq and compression...
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    Gyspy Jazz Recommendations

    I learned abunch of his songs back when that first syn gates masterclass went on youtube and he mentioned him, helped a lot with my playing learning all those different phrases i'd never played before, he's very...unique haha the three fingered lightning, what a guy
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    Comment by 'Ryan Vega' in media 'perkel.mp4'

    I've never met anyone else that likes them awesome job man such an underrated band 🙌
  15. Nearly Spent DFS Acoustic

    Nearly Spent DFS Acoustic

    Acoustic solo I wrote for a song of ours, super proud of this one, I got lots of cool riffs and solos on the album hmu & let me know what you think
  16. E minor improv

    E minor improv

    Thoughts? just me lettin it out in e minor some pretty cool licks in there help me to 500 on ig @darealryanv
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    Why is this so damn hard? Practice discipline

    For a long time i just played and considered that practice, but after awhile i learned to practice with the intent to get better and as long as you do that everytime you sit down to praccy no matter how long you'll get some benefit out of it, there's lots of like premade practice schedules you...
  18. SGS Lesson Demonstration Contest Submission

    SGS Lesson Demonstration Contest Submission

    I made this riff for the contest using the 7 guitar scale positions starting from the first position in A maj and ended up building it up into a chorus after just from being able to confidently know where I want to go to get the music I hear in my head out, which practicing these lessons did...