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  1. Koala

    Anyone know what guitar strap syn uses now?

    Kinda looks like a black velvet looking one. Anyone know? Just thought be cool to go with my goldburst s!
  2. Koala

    Syns guitar picks

    So this might seem a bit silly but always wanted one of his actual guitar picks. Never got lucky anytime they played in Ireland. Can anyone tell me if any on eBay are legit? Have gotten lucky with Kirk Hammett and few other guitarists to catch their picks!
  3. Koala

    About to order a custom s goldburst. Wanted a syn custom for about 14 years now!

    Getting my syn customs S gold burst in 2 weeks. Have wanted a syn custom since around 2006-2007 but as some of you might know became harder once you have to start paying your say in the world and don’t have any good wages 😂
  4. Koala

    About to order a syn custom s left handed

    Just wondering if you guys think I should hold off with a new amp on the way if there’s going to be a new guitar aswell? Obviously be similar if not the same with just different colour variations but still 🤔 only 2 lefty colours available currently gold burst and gold pinstripes