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    New School Launches!

    It looks so f"%Sckin' awesome! :) Thank you very much all the hard work you are putting to this site!
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    Looking for an electro-acoustic

    Hi all, Is anyone familiar with the Ibanez AEWC400 guitar? I will definitely try it out, but I’m really interested in your opinions… Thanks in advance 🙂 https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/AEWC400TKS–ibanez-aewc400-transparent-black-sunburst-high-gloss
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    Afterlife Solo

    Amazing cover! Lesson maybe? 😀
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    Something pretty useful for me!

    This is one of those videos what should be shown to everyone who picks up the guitar and want to learn. Whenever you learn a lick or riff, learn the basis, the building block too (which scale, which chord, which position…) (i don’t believe tho’ that he doesn’t know what the Ionian mode is :dd)
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    Shall I show you guys my skype call with Syn?

    Definitely, I would watch it for sure 🙂
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    What Do You Guys Want to Learn?!

    Thank you for this lesson Hector! The pentatonic method was completely new for me, it is awesome. Can’t wait to try it 🙂
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    Solo Trouble

    I try to summarize below my “knowledge” on how to write licks or solos but please correct me if I’m wrong or feel free to add anything what you think can be helpful. I would really, really appreciate that. So, the 2 choices I have while improvising/soloing are: Relates to all I can play the...
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    Hi everyone! Can someone help me with this? So each chord in a scale has a name like I – Tonic ii – Supertonic iii – Mediant IV – Subdominant V – Dominant vi – Submediant vii• – Leading-tone Now that I know these names, for what I suppose to use this info? What are their roles? What can I do...
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    Ear Training

    I practise with an app called Ear Trainer. It is pretty good, there are many exercises – interval comparison, chord identification, chord progressions, scales, melody etc… and it’s free. 🙂
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    What Is Everyone Working On/ Learning? 🤗

    I had my very first music theory lesson with a great teacher and I can’t wait for the next one. We went through the Circle of Fifths, major and natural/harmonic/melodic minor scales (so much math). Even though I knew already most of the stuff, the new infos were extremely helpful and put some...
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    Best music theory books?

    Which books you would recommend?
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    Favorite licks?

    What are the licks you always play? (or want to play/learn)
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    Harmonizing a guitar lead

    I found this video from fretjam on harmonizing very helpful.
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    Tearing my hair out!!!

    What about this lesson from MattyyM? I think it’s pretty accurate.
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    Feature Requests for Synyster Gates School?

    Hi Patrick, First of all, the site is awesome, you guys did a great job and thank you for your efforts to keep developing and expanding it. 🙂 I would like to see lessons on writing solos and improvising. For instance few longer videos with Papa Gates and Syn playing together, one of them could...
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    Jazz Guitar – Joseph Alexander books

    Hi guys! I want to start study/play jazz a bit and I found lot of books from Joseph Alexander… Does anyone of you know these books? Are these worth it or you have better suggestions? Thanks
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    What lessons would you like to see added?

    I would like to see videos with you two just playing together, tips on improvising and writing solos… and some Sevenfold solos in “SYN’S ETUDES” style would be awesome too.