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    Looking for an electro-acoustic

    Hi all, Is anyone familiar with the Ibanez AEWC400 guitar? I will definitely try it out, but I’m really interested in your opinions… Thanks in advance 🙂 https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/AEWC400TKS–ibanez-aewc400-transparent-black-sunburst-high-gloss
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    Hi everyone! Can someone help me with this? So each chord in a scale has a name like I – Tonic ii – Supertonic iii – Mediant IV – Subdominant V – Dominant vi – Submediant vii• – Leading-tone Now that I know these names, for what I suppose to use this info? What are their roles? What can I do...
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    Best music theory books?

    Which books you would recommend?
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    Favorite licks?

    What are the licks you always play? (or want to play/learn)
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    Jazz Guitar – Joseph Alexander books

    Hi guys! I want to start study/play jazz a bit and I found lot of books from Joseph Alexander… Does anyone of you know these books? Are these worth it or you have better suggestions? Thanks