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  1. Bartosz Tkaczyk

    10-52 or 11-54?

    I just broke my low E string. I’ve been playing on 10-52 gauge since the beginning and now i would like to try 11-54 gauge (Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky). Is this a good idea? i play mainly on E standard/Drop D/Drop C, sometimes Drop B. I’m asking because i don’t want to cause unnecessary problems...
  2. Bartosz Tkaczyk

    Problems on mobile version.

    Hi everyone. I’m on holidays and i must watch lessons on my phone (Huawei P10 Mate Lite) but sound jumps from one moment to another and i can’t play with background music on. I tried many browsers, cleaning cookies etc. and it doesn’t work. Is there an offline way to watch these lessons? or...
  3. Bartosz Tkaczyk

    Jazz Album from Syn

    According to loudwire Syn wants to release a jazz album. What are your thoughts on that?
  4. Bartosz Tkaczyk

    The Heart From Your Hate on a 6 string guitar

    Hello everyone! i would like to learn THFYH by Trivium on a 6 string guitar but i’m not sure how to do it. The original song is in B flat so on a 6 string i must tune my guitar to A# standard right? i’ve found this...
  5. Bartosz Tkaczyk

    Alternate Picking II

    Hi everyone! can someone tell me which fingers i have to use in last section of alternate picking II exercise? it kinda looks like Syn plays it without ring finger, so – does it matter if i play with all fingers or like Syn (?) without ring finger?
  6. Bartosz Tkaczyk

    New lessons?

    Syn posted second video on his insta/fb, in first video he played Buried Alive intro, now it’s riff from Paradigm. What do you guys think? are we gonna get new lessons of A7X songs or maybe just techniques used in these songs?
  7. Bartosz Tkaczyk

    How can i play at night without making too much noise?

    I can’t sleep and i want to play but i’m making too much noise even without AMP. Do you have any tips how can i reduce the sound to minimum?
  8. Bartosz Tkaczyk

    Wallpapers, edits etc.

    My “art”, edits, wallpapers etc. if you like it feel free to use it. More coming soon. Wallpaper 1920×1080 – full quality. Just simple edit, some colors and texture. – full quality.
  9. Bartosz Tkaczyk

    A7X AMP Settings

    What AMP settings can i use while playing A7X? curently i’m learning Scream and Brompton Cocktail. My AMP – Marshall Code 25C.
  10. Bartosz Tkaczyk

    Does anyone have the tab for this intro that Syn played at Rock in Rio?

    That intro before Buried Alive, i really want to learn it.
  11. Bartosz Tkaczyk

    Scream – Guitar Tuning

    Hello everyone, few weeks ago i bought Scream tab from halleonard, on the 1st page it says that song is in Drop D but i saw many people on YouTube who played it in Drop C in tutorials, so – which tuning is suitable? i know HL sells official tabs but it’s a little bit weird that so many people...