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  1. Richard O'connor

    What are you currently listening to?

    This album has been on repeat since it was released, I think its brilliant and their best work to date. I love "one life" "walking on the sky" to name but a few. I think this album has a completely different vibe to anything they have released before. I saw them live a few days ago and they were...
  2. Richard O'connor

    To all those old dogs out there - how was it when you started out?

    I've been playing for about 20 years now so it's difficult to remember what it was like learning exactly. I don't remember ever struggling (not because i was a child prodigy or anything) because i just loved it so much. Everything was new and everything i learned excited me because it sounded...
  3. Richard O'connor

    Where are my newbies at ?!? 😍

    not so much a newbie but been away for a long while!
  4. Richard O'connor

    Minor Blues Etude - Lesson 22

    how are you doing the harmonic on the 15th fret at 1:10?
  5. Richard O'connor

    Wish my band Luck!!

    Good Luck!!
  6. Richard O'connor

    Pick a song

    I’d definitely go with surfing with the alien!
  7. Richard O'connor

    what is he using?

    thanks for the quick response guys!
  8. Richard O'connor

    what is he using?

    Hi everyone hope all is well. In the video link below, if you pause at 6:04, below his black guitar he is plugged into something. I was wondering if anyone new what this was?
  9. Richard O'connor


    Thanks @filip!
  10. Richard O'connor


    Another demo of mine, hope you enjoy.
  11. Richard O'connor

    Is this A good Song so far?

    sounds good so far Andrew, its catchy. All id suggest is cleaning up the vocals at the start, its hard to hear the words clearly. Otherwise good work!
  12. Richard O'connor


    @filip great work Filip. I think id like to hear it go into some kind of ambient drum beat maybe? Check out a guy called Tomas Skyldeberg. he has some great ambient house music. You could also use the Ez Drummer add on called dream pop. Keep up the good work, it was a relaxing listen!
  13. Richard O'connor


    @ids great work ids, i really liked the way you play the arpeggios at the very begining.
  14. Richard O'connor

    Transposing Audio

    does anyone know how to transpose audio to an E standard tuning. Like this
  15. Richard O'connor

    my first song i ever record

    for a first song thats some good work well done! i agree with filip about the drums. I use EZ Drummer for my demos but it depends if you have the money. You can get a free trial though so you could take advantage of that. Good luck.
  16. Richard O'connor

    1 year anniversary of SGS

    Time flies! It’s an awesome, welcoming community. For me, once I found I was holding my pick wrong and rectified it, my economy picking and sweeping came on leaps and bounds. It’s still not perfect but it’s slowly getting there. Big thanks to syn, PG, and everyone else here.
  17. Richard O'connor

    It's The Day, You Guys!!

    And as soon as I posted this I noticed it was in your list lol my bad! Maybe shallow from a star is born movie?
  18. Richard O'connor

    It's The Day, You Guys!!

    Congratulations on getting into the studio jak, I hope it all goes well for you. I think Christina perri’s “a thousand years” would be a nice song to do if you’re looking for love/romantic songs. Good luck in the studio 🤟☠🤟
  19. Richard O'connor


    @Aileé Thank you. Modern slash? I like the sound of that lol. Thanks for the feedback I’ll definitely give it a try.