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  1. Zachary Yates

    Anyone having sound cut outs?

    Been noticing this a lot, only been trying syn etude sweep picking IV but it doesn’t matter if I use my phone, Laptop, or tablet, the sound cuts out randomly. I’m thankful this is all available but it’s extremely frustrating. If it’s happening to many people maybe the software is faulty and we...
  2. Zachary Yates

    Hellwin Amp

    I’ve got an extra Straight Cab I could part with if anyone’s interested.
  3. Zachary Yates

    Do you consider capos a crutch?

    Not sure that I spelt it right but would you consider capos a crutch, and is it possible to perform the same without the use of one or is it a necessity depending on the circumstance? Any examples? I just started using one for a few things.
  4. Zachary Yates


    I’ve pushed through a lot of pain myself too, but sometimes if we are tense or nervous about a new skill we can find ourselves squeezing harder than necessary until it becomes comfortable. Minor adjustments improving form can save our hands a lot of soreness. If you find your hands getting...
  5. Zachary Yates

    In Colorado and wanna Jam?

    Hey I’ve been playing just a year but I’ve got a good handle on a bunch of skills and mostly improvise, but if anyone is in Colorado mainly Denver area and wants to have a Jam session, my first teacher told me to learn from as many people as possible as everyone brings their own unique style and...
  6. Zachary Yates

    Recording yourself playing.

    Take the pressure off yourself, intend on nailing it but don’t stop just because you slip a few times, just smile and embrace that sometimes imperfections make the coolest sounds, generally I just focus on making it sound as badass as possible instead of “perfect Embracing that we will always...
  7. Zachary Yates

    Favourite type of alt. Music to draw inspiration from.

    Check out made for Wesley by future by rhythm future quartet. It’s gypsy Jazz on YouTube. Booty swing by parov stellar. Electroswing. A thousand years, Christina Perry, Stevie Ray Vaughan – voodoo child. Just to get some variety there.