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  1. Hayley Frederick

    Fell off

    Hi guys! I fell off for a bit of time due to work and college, I couldn’t seem to give it my all but now that I’m done for the summer I’m ready to get back into it! I want to upload a video at least by Sunday! I’m really excited to be back, I feel like I missed so much 🙁
  2. Hayley Frederick

    Papa gates

    Happy birthday and thank you for all that you do!
  3. Hayley Frederick

    Happy holidays yall

    Whatever you celebrate , if you celebrate at all, have a good day/holiday 🖤
  4. Hayley Frederick

    My friends band inspired by Meshuggah and Tool

    3 man band! Very enjoyable to watch! ( not sure if the link went through but if it didn’t here it is )
  5. Hayley Frederick


    Is it acceptable to upload a video of my friends band? He’s highly influenced by meshuggah and he is looking for some pointers.
  6. Hayley Frederick

    Random af but.. syn!

    I give a lot of credit to those who can perform in front of a group/stadium. There must be a lot of things that could distract you but you just keep going , how do you do it??? Has there ever been an indcident during a show that has distracted you?
  7. Hayley Frederick


    Anyone have any opinions on the Schecter hellraiser hybrid C-8??? Or have one ?
  8. Hayley Frederick


    If anyone in the jersey shore area would like to come jam aka help me , my boyfriend turned ourvgarage into a beautiful studio set up
  9. Hayley Frederick


    Still haven’t grown the balls to post a video , I feel like every time I try I fuck it up and it’s not even worth posting. I definitely feel like I’m progressing (no where near good) but does anyone have tips on how to let that anxiety go while making/posting videos ?
  10. Hayley Frederick

    Rock on the Range

    Since i wasn’t able to make it to the reading show last night, I just booked a hotel and got tickets for rock on the range in columbus, ohio! who’s gonna be there & does anyone know which day avenged sevenfold play?
  11. Hayley Frederick

    Namm in Nashville,TN

    Anyone ever been to Namm in nashville or cali?
  12. Hayley Frederick

    First song

    What was the first song you learned to play & how long did it take?
  13. Hayley Frederick

    A huge thank you to the creators- Papa and Syn Gates

    This is just genius,I have never been so thankful to not only learn to play the guitar, but also meet people who are just so down to earth and cool as shit! I feel like I will eventually become open enough to make a riff video and just play in front of people in general. This is absolutely...
  14. Hayley Frederick

    Your favorite song?

    what is your favorite song? whether it be by a7x or any artist… I have a few but my fav song is god hates us by avenged & I want it to be my wedding song haha.
  15. Hayley Frederick

    your first guitar

    what was your first guitar & do you still play it? —–
  16. Hayley Frederick

    NJ jam sesh/practice

    if anyone local wants to get together and jam, or just practice, we have a studio located in ocean county and always looking to meet new artists! all invited:) PM if interested
  17. Hayley Frederick

    A7X TOUR!

    who’s excited for their tour to begin and who’s attending?:)