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    Welcome to the Family

    congratulations syn all love in the world for your family!
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    Hey guys!

    welcome back Davey its realy nice to have you with us you here its incredible!
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    Happy Birthday, Syn!

    OMG @anna this is fantastic a great talent! Happy BDFAY master of shredder Syn!
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    Happy Birthday to Synyster Motherfu**ing Gates

    Happy BDAY for the KING!! Thank you for everything that has brought us since school music your humility you inspire us every day I wish you all the fun of the world and more success
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    New music when??? (also come to Brazil XD)

    For sure I am very anxious to see new subjects no matter how much I know it will only be in 2020 maybe but we are looking forward to new tours around the world.
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    New music when??? (also come to Brazil XD)

    I know it’s a joke but come to Brazil!! uauhauhauh Porto Alegre awaits you
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    My journey with Avenged Sevenfold.

    very cool these stories and how cool it is to see the love for A7X in each one of them
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    Favorite Syn Solo From Each Album

    Sounding The Seventh Trumpet- To End The Rapture Waking The Fallen- second heatbeat City Of Evil-seize the day White Album- afterlife Nightmare- welcome to the family Hail To The King- heretic The Stage- The Stage( but the intro solo from exist it’s a masterpiece it’s a masterpiece) Black Reign-...
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    5 Favorite Song Intros

    intros 1- Avenged Sevenfold -Afterlife 2- Psychosocial – Slipknot 3- Buried Alive -Avenged Sevenfold 4- Dance macabre- Ghost 5-The Traveling Wilburys – Handle With Care Its realy hard choose the list and the favorit intro from Avenged Sevenenfold afterlife, Crossroads, Higher, God hate...
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    If I May? :)

    Jak this really is difficult for you to create something that loves and struggled for it and not have so much visibility and for sure will be an incredible material and people continue to ask for things that are not so much their goal Even more so when it comes to this musical branch where...
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    Hang and Jam with Syn!

    Congrats man!
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    'Mad Hatter' on Spotify!

    I found her in The Stage style as well as Matt spoke darkly and with that alternate medium footprint I realized that avenged like a lot of riff with legato kkkkk for as long as I’m a fan and love avenged the refrain I miss a bit of booze I believe it will be kind of like the stage to listen more...
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    New Song by Gates!

    Great song Syn have a beautifull voice like very much
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    NEW Avenged Sevenfold Song

    i hear that it is a very good feeling much blues
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    NEW Avenged Sevenfold Song

    If was a part of new music on saint owen instagram OH MY GOD IS GONA KILL!!
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    NEW Avenged Sevenfold Song

    @filip i see is very suspicious
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    Best guitarist of all time poll

    I did not see zacky in the options and I forgot to write unfortunately it’s not possible to vote next
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    Best guitarist of all time poll

    I voted Eric Claton, Synyster and Dimebag Darrel i am curious for the result
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    NEW Avenged Sevenfold Song

    @jak which jam you say?