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  1. omar jauhari

    Shepherd of Fire Solo Cover with my new guitar!

    Hey everyone! This is a cover of probably my favorite solo in the whole world. Huge thanks to Syn and everyone else in the great community for all the exercises, advice, and information that are offered which helped me get through this solo decently. (Even though it still isn’t a hundred...
  2. omar jauhari

    Create A Riff problem

    Hey Everyone, So I’m trying to post a cover I made for Shepherd Of Fire’s Solo, but whenever I’d click on Submit it asks me to verify my account. I already did through Facebook, and when I try to verify with a google account (I don’t think it’s necessary considering already done it with...
  3. omar jauhari

    Shepherd of Fire Solo question

    Hello Everyone and Syn! I wanted to ask what you guys know about Syn’s tone for that epic solo. Also, if he used his sustainiac, does anyone know the settings on the guitar switches for it. I’m trying to get as close as possible to his tone because it is just too good not to use for a cover of...