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  1. Brian Haner Sr.

    Thank you!

    Thank you!
  2. Brian Haner Sr.

    Melodic minor modes question

    It pretty much applies to all scales. The more ways you can see them, the better. Take the major modes. It's important to know that a D dorian scale has a b3, and a b7 - BUT - once you know that, it's also important to "see" it's also a C major scale starting on the 2nd note. The more ways you...
  3. Brian Haner Sr.

    Overview of the Circle of 5ths – Lesson 37

    Exactly! A great way to learn the blues (I-IV-V) in all 12 keys! Move counterclockwise and it's the IV, move clockwise and it's the V.
  4. Brian Haner Sr.

    A hearty hello to everyone

    Welcome Be!
  5. Brian Haner Sr.

    Melodic minor modes question

    Great catch! I love that you're seeing the possibilities and the plurality of the scales. You could absolutely call it Phrygian #6. The accepted name is Dorian b9 - but the important thing is that you understand it - and you obviously do because you saw it's other possibility. If its easier for...
  6. Brian Haner Sr.

    Gypsy Jazz Documentary

    It is soooo fun. As jazz goes - it's harmonically MUCH easier than bebop. Get familiar with major & minor arpeggios and a diminished scale - and boom - you're up and running. And obviously - there's a ton of room to shred. Not to mention - it's acoustic. There's no place to hide. It will build...
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome, Victor!
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    How do I create my own unic sound?

    Hi Rute! Interesting question. I think great sound, tone & style grow organically from songs. Stevie Ray Vaughn wouldn't have worked in Queen and Brian May would have sucked in Green Day. The song's style and vibe dictate tone and choice of notes. Every great guitarist can be traced to a song or...
  9. Brian Haner Sr.

    Gypsy Jazz Documentary

    Yeah. In a fire. He basically played with 2 fingers.
  10. Brian Haner Sr.

    Gypsy Jazz Documentary

    You'll love it!
  11. Brian Haner Sr.

    Gypsy Jazz Documentary

    If you're into Gypsy Jazz, this is a GREAT documentary with some crazy good playing. If you're not into Gypsy Jazz - this just might change your mind. Enjoy! pg
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    Hi :)

    Welcome Cesar!
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    Robin Nolan saying hi!

    Welcome, Robin! You're the best!!! I should mention Robin is one of the premiere Gypsy Jazz players AND teachers on the planet. In addition to being a dear friend of mine, (and Syn's), he is a wonderful man and completely approachable. Please join me in welcoming him!
  14. Brian Haner Sr.

    Comment by 'Brian Haner Sr.' in media 'Guitar cover: Heartbreaker (Led Zeppelin)'

    Thank you! Always loved Heartbreaker. Page was the best. An endless well of tasty, unforgettable riffs. Nicely done!
  15. Brian Haner Sr.

    Ha! Don't we all!

    Ha! Don't we all!
  16. Brian Haner Sr.

    Introduction to Power Chords and Palm Muting – Lesson 18

    I use my 1st and 4th finger ALL THE TIME. Just depends on the situation. No harm, no foul.
  17. Brian Haner Sr.

    Important Strumming Patterns – Lesson 19

    Great idea! It's always better to practice an actual song. If you know what it's supposed to sound like - that gives you a huge head-start.
  18. Brian Haner Sr.

    Hard to get a good, rich tone when you rest your hand or wrist on the bridge. Floating is the...

    Hard to get a good, rich tone when you rest your hand or wrist on the bridge. Floating is the "proper" way, but is a fairly advanced move that takes time to get comfortable with. Resting the pinky is a popular fix to keep your hand stable, get a better tone, and keep from unnecessary strain...
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    Welcome, Mike!
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    My Favourite Rick Beato video (because you know The Beatles)

    He actually didn't know who I was when I met him - and was very nice. It was about a year later when he found out I was Syn's dad. He also was not familiar with anything I had done. But I hear you. Certain people rub you the wrong way. For whatever reason. I can only tell you my experience. I...