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  1. carlosmqr

    Syn custom S string gauge?

    Mine came with Ernie Ball 10-46. Last time I changed strings I changed to 10-52 Skinny Top Heavy Bottom and its in Drop D. Dont be affraid of the Floyd Rose, the more you mess with it the more confident you'll be next time you need to adjust your guitar. Is just screws and springs, theres a lot...
  2. carlosmqr

    Floyd Rose Tremolo fold? on Synyster Custom S

    Mine have the same bend there.
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    A hearty hello to everyone

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    Welcome back!
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    What kind of action do you prefer?

    In my Syn Custom S I have really low action way easier to play for me, but like you I have the same problem with the low string which doesnt bother me much. On my Les Paul is not as low as I would like but when I tried to lower it more I had a lot of buzz so had to raise it a bit again. But...
  6. carlosmqr

    Gypsy Jazz Documentary

    Thanks Ids!! I will have that in mind!
  7. carlosmqr

    Gypsy Jazz Documentary

    Thanks for the tips on wich scales to look for Papa Gates, I need to get more into the genre so I can try to improvise a bit, but I tried to play the first licks of the Minor Swing and it was really fun to play! Just realized tha Syn played that on the Guitar Center Master Class after listening...
  8. carlosmqr

    New Synyster Gates Guitar manufacture trouble

    I agree with Jesse. My sustainiac moves easily too, but I think is normal to be honest.
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    Comment by 'carlosmqr' in media 'Finger Eleven - Slow Chemical'

    Thanks Dominik! To be honest was one of the songs I had more fun playing lately!
  10. carlosmqr

    This really opened my mind in this song.

    Watched it yesterday, not being a Nirvana fan at all I loved the video, I love this series by Rick Beato, thats such a raw song, after the video had to listen to the song and actually enjoyed it way more than before the song breakdown!
  11. carlosmqr

    Gypsy Jazz Documentary

    Just watched it last night, really interesting... Some really tasty licks and melodies, makes me want to get into it a bit to be honest. And gotta say theres a lot of shredding there, impressive too.
  12. Finger Eleven - Slow Chemical

    Finger Eleven - Slow Chemical

    Just me butchering another song 😂
  13. carlosmqr

    Comment by 'carlosmqr' in media '#Deadmenriffs - Matt Heafy Riff Challenge'

    Thats cool Dominik, If you work a bit on it you nail it, is not to far in my opinion. I cant play at all trivium songs xD I was watching today he was looking at the entrys on his twitch and he chose a winner...guys play as good as him but a lot of people were not playing the galloping correctly.
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    Robin Nolan saying hi!

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    Hi :)

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    Hello everyone!

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    Comment by 'carlosmqr' in media 'SGS Collab (Chorus Rhythm)'

    I get it Calvin, my alternate palm mutes are not as good as downstroke palm mutes too xD
  18. carlosmqr

    Collab! Rhythm Assessment

    I find it more difficult to palm mute on my les paul too...try to move the muting hand up a bit, closer to the pick up and not so much on top op the bridge, it works better to me. I think that theres no problem to record with the mic now, just for the final video I think youll need more quality.
  19. carlosmqr

    Comment by 'carlosmqr' in media 'SGS Collab (Chorus Rhythm)'

    Thanks man! Sure I will work on it! Thanks Dominik! My bad I had the settings for the Schecter wich as a way more deeper and "fat" tone than the Epiphone, and I just wanted to record this as fast as I could just to take it out of my mind :ROFLMAO: I will probabily record the final version with...
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    Comment by 'carlosmqr' in media 'SGS Collab (Chorus Rhythm)'

    I agree, I always like to see how people play the same riff or song because theres always some little things that are different! And you learn something from it!