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  1. Yosi Yamin

    My new Syn custom!

    I recently got this incredible gem and I'm absolutely in love with it. I'm still surprised that I happened to find a red one, since those are so hard to come by! It plays as amazingly as my other Syn customs 😄
  2. Yosi Yamin

    Happy Birthday to Zacky V 🥳🎈

    Hey guys! Even though ZV probably doesn't have an account here as far as we know, I thought it would still be nice to have a thread in which we could wish him a happy birthday 🎈🥳 I included a picture of my badass 6661 custom. That guitar freaking slays and I absolutely LOVE it.
  3. Yosi Yamin

    Synyster Gates School Design

    Hey guys! I just wanted to show you this design of Syn/ the school that I just finished drawing 😁
  4. Yosi Yamin

    Issues with learning faster solos

    Hey everybody! How are you all doin? I wanted to ask for your opinions and tips about how to start playing faster solos, like the ones on Sheperd of fire, bat country, afterlife, second heartbeat etc’. I always seem to lose my concentration when I’m trying to learn them from tabs, since it seems...
  5. Yosi Yamin

    As tears go by acoustic guitar cover!

    Finally got to cover this song after a long time of wanting to do so! Also, this new Syn acoustic is freaking amazing! I simply love this guitar!
  6. Yosi Yamin

    Hang and Jam with Syn!

    Here’s a video from my jam session with Syn that took place a few months ago when A7X came to Israel, I still can’t believe that I was lucky enough to get to meet my hero, let alone jam with him! My motivation to practice just skyrocketed ever since that day! I can’t thank Syn enough for making...
  7. Yosi Yamin

    Unholy Confessions guitar cover

    Hey everybody! I tried to upload this video in the riff section for some time now but there’s a lag preventing me from being able to verify my account, so I figured I’d just post it here!