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  1. TreSavedge

    RIP Kenny Rogers

    The guy was a legend. Been revisiting his tracks. Goes without saying that dippin’ mid apocalypse is the most “know when to fold em” shit ever!
  2. TreSavedge

    Been gone a while. You know what is why...

    Miss y'all. I know I've been gone a while. Just figured I post an update in my guitar channel with everything that is going on right now.
  3. TreSavedge

    Heretic is the most Megadeth A7X song, fight me

    The Riffs are Mustaine/Petrelli like on "Dread and the Fugitive Mind". And the solo has a bit of Marty/Broderick/Kiko in it while of course being the one and only Syn.
  4. TreSavedge

    The re-release and possibly more re-releases

    DITR is amazing. Had a crazy thought. A7X should do an April Fools gag where they tell their fans all albums will be re-released with woke pronoun editions. “Ze who makes a beast out of Zirself. Gets rid of the pain of being a non-gender specific carbon based life-form.”
  5. TreSavedge

    Vibrato questions

    I've got about 20 years of finger vibrato habits I'd like to balance with wrist vibrato as some have suggested on here. I pretty much self taught vibrato before I completely understood the concept. Looking back on it, I realize now most of my vibrato habits (essentially exaggerated finger...
  6. TreSavedge

    Awesome partial instrumental version of Bohemian.

    I was at this awesome Marty show last year where the audience was treated to a real hip version of Bohemian. A very good quality live video was posted on YouTube. I’ve time stamped it to the specific track for your pleasure but if it doesn’t work it’s at 30:10. Jordan Ziff is on vocals and lead...
  7. TreSavedge

    Mid 2000s A7X Pics

    So my friend told me he got a hug from M Shadows and that Syn signed his guitar at this mid 2000s show we went to. It was 05-ish in St Louis. City of Evil era. I remember the band talking to fans outside but I have absolutely no memory of these pics being taken. Then he shows me this proof. Now...