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  1. Brian Haner Sr.

    Gypsy Jazz Documentary

    If you're into Gypsy Jazz, this is a GREAT documentary with some crazy good playing. If you're not into Gypsy Jazz - this just might change your mind. Enjoy! pg
  2. Brian Haner Sr.

    Papa Gates - Grandma - New (Old) Video

    This is a comedy song and video I did from about 10 years ago. It was shelved due to "sensitive" content at the suggestion of my management team. Now that I am no longer signed to management, I thought that now would be a good time to release it. Normally I would never post my comedy stuff on...
  3. Brian Haner Sr.

    What Ed Said

    Every time I go to post a response, I make sure I read all the other responses first. And 9 times out of 10, @Ed Seith has said exactly what I want to say. Or something so close that there is no reason for me to respond. And yes, sometimes he says things I wish I had thought of. While it's...
  4. Brian Haner Sr.

    My daughter is in a new music video

    Hi all! So my daughter (McKenna) went to MI with these two guys - Alex Cain and Jake Bonesteel. They heard her sing at school and asked if she would be on their album once they put their band together and got some traction. So a year later they called her and she met them in the studio and laid...
  5. Brian Haner Sr.

    New EP from Chris Johnston

    Hey Guys, Heads up - our fellow student Chris Johnston and his band just dropped an EP on Spotify. I'm totally digging the vibe. Very fun stuff. Let's get him some streams! Chris Greig & The Merchants
  6. Brian Haner Sr.

    Backing Tracks

    In the process of building the new site, we lost some backing tracks. I think I have them all up and running again, (fingers crossed). So EVERY lesson should have at least one backing track to jam with. Also - I just finished uploading the backing tracks for Syn's Pentatonic Etudes. He recorded...
  7. Brian Haner Sr.

    Pentatonic XV

    9 Note Groupings - C# minor (sus4)
  8. Brian Haner Sr.

    Pentatonic XIV

    6 Note Groupings - A minor
  9. Brian Haner Sr.

    Pentatonic XIII

    6 Note Groupings - A minor
  10. Brian Haner Sr.

    Pentatonic XII

    5 Note Groupings - F minor (sus4 b7)
  11. Brian Haner Sr.

    Pentatonic XI

    4 Note Groupings - Vertizontal - A minor
  12. Brian Haner Sr.

    Pentatonic X

    3-1-1-3 - Vertizontal E minor
  13. Brian Haner Sr.

    Pentatonic IX

    3 Notes Per String - Horizontal - 3 String Note Groups - B minor
  14. Brian Haner Sr.

    Pentatonic VIII

    3 Notes Per String - Horizontal - B minor
  15. Brian Haner Sr.

    Pentatonic VII

    3-1-1-3-1-3 - G minor
  16. Brian Haner Sr.

    Pentatonics VI

    3-1-3-1-1-3 - G minor
  17. Brian Haner Sr.

    Pentatonics V

    3-1-3-1-3 - A minor
  18. Brian Haner Sr.

    Pentatonics IV

    3-1-3 - A minor
  19. Brian Haner Sr.

    Pentatonics III

    3-1-3 Groups - Em (Em6)
  20. Brian Haner Sr.

    Pentatonics II

    3 Notes per string - Vertical Pivots - D minor