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  1. Matt Wildman

    Tips for playing and standing

    So tonight I decided to jam when I was home alone and I figured I would play standing and my god I suck when I play standing. My first 2 gigs I was sitting and I realize I need to practice standing. I can play rhythm perfectly fine it’s just my lead that sucks. I have it hanging below my belt so...
  2. Matt Wildman

    A7Xs version of “Walk”

    So I know A7X plays it in drop d like pantera does but Syns version of dimebags solo sounds different from dimebags original version. I used to think A7X recorded it in drop C# but I’m pretty sure it’s drop D. I like syns cover of the solo better and I would like to find a tab for it but can’t...
  3. Matt Wildman

    I can’t alternate pick

    So recently I’ve been revisiting the alternate picking exercises in syns Etudes and I can do it slow but when I go faster I start economy picking…which is hard not to do because I learned how to economy pic before I really decided to learn alternate picking. I just find it so hard to play fast...
  4. Matt Wildman


    I’m attempting to get our drum part recorded onto reaper. We have a Roland td9 and I connected a USB cable from the drum set into our laptop with reaper on it. When I open reaper it says “there was an error loading the audio hardware” we have an ASIO4all driver installed onto the laptop and...
  5. Matt Wildman

    Help with harmonizing guitar parts

    I’m writing a solo and it has a dual guitar harmony in it. It’s in the key of F#minor and the harmony that I came up sounds good, but it sounds a lot like a Black Veil brides song and I don’t want that. I want something different. I need some more knowledge about what notes harmonize well in...
  6. Matt Wildman

    Best company to buy custom inlays from?

    So I’ve got this awesome idea to put custom inlays on my guitar that say WILD on it cause my last name is Wildman (kinda like a stage name I guess, partially inspired by syn having SYN on his guitars) but can anyone give me some info on what company’s make and sell Letter inlays that I could...
  7. Matt Wildman

    Paying royalties to do covers?

    What’s up guys, my band and I are recording songs right now and we are wanting do do some covers and some original songs and make it all into one album. (Check us out on Instagram our band name is Infinite Contention!! Give us a follow) anyway, I was told that in order to legally do covers and...
  8. Matt Wildman

    Picking a font for my band name

    I picked out a font on that we really like but idk if that is okay to use since all the fonts on there have been used in movies or for other bands. What would you guys suggest?
  9. Matt Wildman

    Is it possible to plug my actual VOX amp into my interface for recording

    Plugins are great…but I love the metal sound on my VOX amp. It’s a tube amp and I thought I heard that you can do that to record your guitar. Is that true, or should I stick with plugins?
  10. Matt Wildman

    How to record drums on reaper and do I need a license to export the song

    We are getting ready to finish up recording our first original song! My bands name is “Crimson day”, look us up on insta. Anyway my drummer uses an electronic drum set. But the problem is that drum set is in a different location from my DAW at home and I can’t move it cause it’s on a big...
  11. Matt Wildman

    School meetup in US?

    Are we still planning a meetup, and if so where at?
  12. Matt Wildman

    Need new suggestions DAWs

    So I’ve been using Tracktion7 as my DAW. Love it to death super easy to use until I found out today that I have to upgrade and pay $69 just to be able to export my recordings. I can’t even save it to my computer 🙄 So do any of you know of other DAWS that allow you to export your recordings for...
  13. Matt Wildman

    Making original music

    So my band and I are wringing songs and recording them now that I have my DAW set up. We are in the middle of one that I think will be awesome but I just need tips on how to write original music. Me being the A7X fan I am, I find myself accidently creating riffs that sound like their songs. This...
  14. Matt Wildman

    More questions about making a home studio

    So I bought an audio interface. (A Behringer UM2) I also downloaded Tracktion(DAW) into my computer. When I was trying out the interface tonight I couldn’t figure out how to get sound to come out of the DAW. I have plugins installed and everything. Then it hit me that I guess I need studio...
  15. Matt Wildman

    Best free online music mixer (windows)

    So my band mages and I have a great idea to make a 10 minute long guitar ballad, and I need some suggestions for mixing. We want to stay out of a studio as much as possible and we want to just use free online mixing studios. I’ve heard a few names but I need some advice from people who have used...
  16. Matt Wildman


    Okay so I’m done with lost, and I’m working on new material. (The performance didn’t go well but people didn’t notice some mistakes and thought we were amazing at guitar and we got 2nd place? So I guess thats good) Anyway, now I have to learn Afterlife, almost easy, and beast and the harlot by...
  17. Matt Wildman

    Talent show this coming Friday

    My friends and I are playing Lost by A7X (check out the video of us playing it on my profile) for the talent show this coming Friday and I’m pumped. I’m not too nervous and I think it will go well but I just wanted to hear what some of you more experienced people have to say about preparing for...
  18. Matt Wildman

    Putting locking nuts on a non FR guitar

    Has anyone had these put on a guitar that isn’t FR? I’m just curious cause it would be nice for me during some of my gigs. Especially for the songs where I time down a half step and my guitar goes out of time easier when it is. I have a Schecter Omen 6 string through body. I know this is VERY...
  19. Matt Wildman

    Who recommends learning solos with little to no effects?

    I know I have heard people say this really helps and I personally haven’t tried it but should I not use distortion/effects when learning guitar solos? And then apply them after I’ve learned it? Cause I’m working on multiple different solos right now for gigs