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    How do you connect your guitar to amplitude ?

    Hey guys so I have amplitude and was wondering how to connect my guitar to my laptop to use amplitude , Please help 🤦 Ps I have only one headphone input jack so ya :/
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    do i need a noise gate pedal ?

    hey guys, so I have an Ibanez guitar and every time I used to play with my guitar connected to the amp ( Roland micro cube ) I used to get a lot of feedback (buzz sound and other noises ) and could always hear all the other strings (which I wasn’t while playing) while playing a song. Also when I...
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    how to play syn gates solos ?

    hey guys, I’ve been playing the guitar for 4 years now and I have an Ibanez RG series guitar. For years I’ve aspired to play the solos for a7x songs like MIA and afterlife etc. but have never been able to. was wondering if you guys could give me tips to become faster and on how to learn and play...