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  1. Benjamin Bencik

    Does anybody know how to create a solid Synyster Gates solo tone on Axe Fx 2? :)

    I’ve been trying tons of things with the Recto1 mostly and Trad V60 Full cabinet and well I like it but it’s still too bright and not that powerful Syn’s tone that I’d like.. I’ve also put a gate some reverb, delay and a drive block with drive on 0 and only tone up (tube screamer variant) but...
  2. Benjamin Bencik

    Wrote down ROUGH Tab for the final fast tap of "The Stage" Intro.

    I really slowed down the Guitar Track of the stage from youtube video : this one right here and as I listened really carefully I wrote down how he played this last bit. So here it is: As I said it’s rough written so I haven’t put...
  3. Benjamin Bencik

    Bend a string and then grab another one above in the bend?

    So well perhaps just an example marty friedman live versions of tornado of souls at the end of the solo he bend the high e string and then in the bend he then hits the b string and pulls it down with the e string. How can you do that? I can’t find a video tutorial on the youtube :/
  4. Benjamin Bencik

    Afterlife solo Last legato Run, how?

    Afterlife Gutiar Track 0:35 How is that played? I kow the first one second of it but that’s one. I have watched Zoupa’s lesson and I just want to hear if anyone who watched him live or knows how he plays this precisely?
  5. Benjamin Bencik

    Has anybody cracked what Syn's actually playing in Vistalegre? (solo)

    Syn’s Live Vistalegre solo This is the one and I have no idea what he’s playing when he’s going up the fretboard: I can get the slower notes when I slow it down but other than that.. Whooooooooooooosh?
  6. Benjamin Bencik

    How to roll the ring finger on this 4 string sweep?

    Screenshot of the Sweep Tab Anyone knows how to roll this 12 frets with the ring finger? I just don’t know how to do it the best way even of tons of hours searching on the net. The best way for practicing so you can also play it in speed right… :/
  7. Benjamin Bencik

    Any good AMP recommendations for metal? (Files attached) Marshall Dsl40c

    I own a Marshall Dsl40c and well I don’t like the sound of it I really don’t know how to describe it so I’ll be attaching the files below two links. My settings on the Marshall are pretty standard. I’ve messed around with the settings a lot Treble 6 Middle 7 Bass 7. I think that the amplifier is...
  8. Benjamin Bencik

    Tips for The Stage intro tapping? Reduce noise! (Too much)

    So I have the string damper but I’m afraid of using it because for example Synyster doesn’t use it live either and It can be done without a string damper but I’ just do not know how sometimes my strings ring or a note doesn’t ring because I accidentally mute it because I don’t know how to mute...
  9. Benjamin Bencik

    How to deal with keeping the Floyd Rose guitar in tunepast the 12 fret?

    I tend to record for fun in my free time and I really hate it when I basically put my guitar track (raw file) and place it in the program with a backing track and then I could just hear that some tones are OFF the tune at some places like just little but It’s noticeable at least for me! It’s a...
  10. Benjamin Bencik

    A question about Syn's gear when playing live mostly the REVERB pedal.

    So as I listen to the guitar tracks of syn I mainly mean the song called “The Stage” you can hear that there’s some kind of reverb going on there that he uses but he never uses it in live shows, how come? I was thinking of grabbing it for recording and also use it live. I feel that it gives you...