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  1. Steven Bellah

    Improv jam

    This is one of the recent jams my band and I had. I'm about to sit down and work on making this one into a song. It was all improved on the spot, so there are a few hiccups and a sour bend or two. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks 🤘💀 <iframe width="100%" height="300" scrolling="no"...
  2. Steven Bellah

    Adapting scales for drop tuning.

    How do you all visualize and adapt your scales when switching to a drop tuning? I do 99 percent of my practicing in standard tuning, but play and write in a drop tuning. Typically I just ignore the low string when it comes to scales, but it feels limiting. The low string for chords and riffs and...
  3. Steven Bellah

    Lifting weights vs. Playing guitar.

    Has anyone else had issues with playing fast and clean after lifting? I notice coming back from vacation and not lifting for a week that my playing improves quite a bit. I hate to choose between one, does anybody have any exercises or stretching to help maintain dexterity?