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    Question about Professional Musicians

    I am curious, specifically about A7X, but also about professional musicians in general… how often do you guys get together for band practice??? Is it a weekly thing? Do you only practice to prepare for tours? Have you reached such a level that you guys just meet up a feed days before the tour...
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    Sold one of my Syn models! 😨😢😁🤘🏽

    I just had to share this. I had 3 Syn models and it came time for me to part with one of them. After having it listen for over 2 years, I sold it yesterday! I finally found the perfect buyer! It was a young girl (12-15?) that LOVES A7X. And LOVES Syn. And is a student here! After seeing her...
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    Has anyone ever used the Cakewalk software and if so, how is you like it? I see BandLabs has purchased from Gibson and has made it free for everyone!
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    Home Studio Gear Question

    So I want to expand my home studio and really start learning to record and mix to have at least a semi-professional sound. Currently I’ve got a Presonus interface to get the mics or guitars into the computer. I’ve got two mics: an Sm57 and a Sm58. I think this will suffice for instruments but...
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    I find that both of my hands can move with pretty good speed. But I run out of stamina or become sloppy sounding when moving faster. What types of exercises do you guys use to improve this?
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    Papa Gates

    All these questions of favorite A7X songs and favorite Syn solos are extremely important. But we forgot about the man who created Syn! Without Papa Gates, Sevenfold would never have become what they are and we’d be a bunch of hillbillies with ukuleles. So what is your favorite song that Brian...
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    Modern-Era Big 4?

    With the announcement of Slayer planning to retire, it made me wonder… if there were to be a next “Big 4”, which artists would make it up? I can’t imagine it without A7X, but what are everyone else’s thoughts?