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  1. Steven Huth

    Overview of the Melodic Minor Scale - Lesson 103

    Something I find really interesting in this lesson is the emphasis on playing over the chord and not really worrying about what key your in. I think that could really help with improvisation by focusing on the relationship between the scale and the chord. Very insightful!
  2. Steven Huth

    Comment by 'Steven Huth' in media 'Crazy Train solo attempt #1'

    This is a judgement free zone, my dude. Post away!
  3. May 4, 2020

    May 4, 2020

    A little improv off a certain hotel...
  4. Steven Huth

    City of Evil celebrates its 15th Birthday today

    Still my favorite record from the band. It really helped grow my love of music into the craziness that it is today. I remember seeing the music video for Bat Country on MTV and was like...."who are these guys!!?!?". You can hear the attitude in that song from the vocals to the instruments. I...
  5. Steven Huth

    New School Launches!

    The navigation and the speed to get to the lessons and the videos is my favorite change with the new set up. Enrolling In groups of lessons is a nice touch as well, as it feels like an actual school where you can see your progress with each completed chapter. Big props to everyone involved who...
  6. Steven Huth

    Green Syn Custom

    Schecter just posted this on their Facebook….what could it mean???? This topic was modified 4 months, 3 weeks ago by  Steven Huth.
  7. Steven Huth

    The Ultimate Reward

    You really do deserve it! You have been here from day one and have encouraged everyone to be the best that they can be. Keep doing what you are doing and ignore the hate. Greatness is what is recognized and what will be remembered. Just look at all of these posts. Thanks again! Steven
  8. Steven Huth

    size of the pick

    You’ll want to choose a guitar pick that you feel comfortable with. There are so many different kinds out there that I suggest you try a few different ones and see which one you like best. I personally use the Dunlop Gator Grips 2.0 as I like the thickness and the non-flexibility of them. They...
  9. Steven Huth

    ***Beginner's Mental Block: Get Out of Your Own Head!!!***

    Learning an instrument is such a unique process because it is different for everyone. One lesson that is easy for one person could be insanely hard for another person to understand. Everybody goes through a different roadblock. And sometimes it is extremely hard to push through it yourself...
  10. Steven Huth

    If I May? :)

    It’s been a busy semester when it comes to school. With finals this week, I’m looking to be more active and hopefully can get some original videos on here as well in the next couple of weeks. Keep up your head up Jak and everyone else who this post applies to. We are all on this together, no...
  11. Steven Huth

    Ok here we go !!

    Keep up the good work!
  12. Steven Huth

    Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a woman of wealth and taste ;)

    Welcome! I studied a bit of audio engineering myself and absolutely love every aspect of recording, mixing, and mastering. As for my guitar playing, I’ve been playing about the same time as you and never really had any kind of direction. I’ve never taken any lessons or anything like that. I’ve...
  13. Steven Huth

    If I May? :)

    That’s the way the music business has always been, Jak. It comes down to what your goals are and how you want to achieve them. You’re obviously not happy where you’re at so moving on is the best bet. And I wouldn’t think of moving on as abandoning the school. I’m sure Brian and Brian Jr’s goal...
  14. Steven Huth

    Synyster Gates School online chat idea

    Just create a discord channel.
  15. Steven Huth

    What is your favorite schecter syn custom model

    I own the satin orange burst custom and absolutely love it. It plays incredibly smooth and I can’t imagine practicing on anything else.
  16. Steven Huth

    Heads Up! Jam With Syn and Get His Guitar!

    I am sure anyone who has the meet and jams with Syn will hear from him about what will happen. Maybe he could do a video jam session like he did with the School winners from the first contest.
  17. Steven Huth

    Get Well Soon, M!

    The comment section on the band’s Facebook page is incredibility supportive of his decision to rest his voice. Makes me proud to be a part of this fan base as well.
  18. Steven Huth

    Get Well Soon, M!

    Get well soon Matt! No need to apologize for things that cannot be controlled. Life happens sometimes. We will all be here for when you get better. We appreciate you guys a ton and health will always come first.
  19. Steven Huth

    Need advice

    Does your amp have a slot for headphones? If it does, this is definitely the route I would go. Enjoy being a new father!
  20. Steven Huth

    Synyster Gates School App Being Made?

    I am down for putting the app on an iPad. That’s what I exclusively use for the school and an app would take it to the next level.