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  1. Edward John

    On the Collab

    I have not been posting regularly mainly because it's exam season, but I just wanted to say that I have been following the SG Collab and everything, to me, is sounding great. It will be great to hear the finished product. Credit to everyone involved and those who helped organize it. Well done to...
  2. Edward John

    Syn Interviews

    A few interviews from a Syn fan channel.
  3. Edward John

    Lyrics Question

    Does anyone have any ideas about lyrics? There is a lot of great stuff on the site for songwriting, but does anyone have any ideas about lyrics?
  4. Edward John

    The Sickness Anniversary Tour Well, its kind of the anniversary tour. Its kind of annoying that they aren't doing the full album, but hey. Anyone going?
  5. Edward John

    All The Right Reasons

    By favourite satanic, folk, Viking band is back on tour! Who's going?
  6. Edward John

    RRHOF is a joke
  7. Edward John

    Nirvana Historic Milestone Turn it up and enjoy everyone!
  8. Edward John

    Tony Iommi calls out wrong information about "Paranoid" tone. Tony corrects a guy who thought he had the exact Sabbath, Paranoid tone, sounds nothing like Paranoid, this guy was even trying to claim that Tony used a Les Paul with the neck pick-up, so Tony corrected...
  9. Edward John

    Tremonti vs. Syn Mark Tremonti just got voted as the guitarist of the decade for Guitar World magazine, my obvious response was nope. Nothing against Tremonti, great guitarist, but compared to some of the others, nope...
  10. Edward John

    Thoughts on Nu Metal?

    Nu metal was a weird time in music, it seemed like a natural progression though, to combine other forms of music with metal, there wasn't really anywhere else for the genre to go, in terms of new sound that is. It very much seemed like a combination of metal with hip-hop inspired grooves and...
  11. Edward John

    Great podcast with Syn

  12. Edward John

    Pinkly Smooth album re-release?

    Does anyone know if the Pinkly Smooth album is ever getting re-released? I know there was an interview with Syn from a few years ago were he said he would be up for it, but its yet to happen, thanks.
  13. Edward John

    Guitar Syn used in A7X early days?

    Has Syn always been a Schechter player? There is plenty of proof of him playing those even way back in the early days. I do believe he also used Les Paul’s and ESP’s as well, though I might be wrong. Anyone got any idea what he used early on?
  14. Edward John


    Is theory really necessary? I know of many great guitarists who use it but there are plenty who don’t. Joe Satriani is probably one of the most technically minded guitarists, but then you get guys like Dan Donegan who know no theory. This is really just a point of discussion, what’s your...