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  1. Kelly Heinen


    I totally snapped the high e-string on my guitar tonight. It was my fault but the mood I’m in it pissed me off. I’ve had a day or two like that… Anyways…saving up for new strings. What’s good for an acoustic? It’s a half-size and the last time I got new strings I let the guy at the music...
  2. Kelly Heinen


    As one who reads music, I find myself frustrated because I can’t find the notes on the strings very well. Is it important to know the notes on each string in the beginning? Should I tamp down my sight reading desire for now?
  3. Kelly Heinen

    Guitar Buzzing

    Guitar head (?) has developed a buzz tonight…noticed it when tuning. It was also harder to tune tonight and was super out of tune as well. It sits in a case propped up against a book case when not in use. Other than the fact it’s 30+ years old, why is it buzzing and can I fix that? I talked...
  4. Kelly Heinen

    Lesson Video

    Does Soundslice have a battery limit? On my phone and the lesson won’t play. I’m charging the phone now, but would battery power be an issue?
  5. Kelly Heinen

    Acoustic Tuning Help

    I’m following PGs lesson for tuning. But I can’t figure out why my open string is in tune but with the fret it’s not:
  6. Kelly Heinen

    Acoustic question

    When I go through the tuning lesson, how do you know how much pressure to put on the strings? When I tune, it sometimes sounds like the strings are “muted”, if you will. Is it just trial and error?
  7. Kelly Heinen


    Any other beginners want to chat? Planning to start exploring after work and seeing if I can learn to play. Anyone else learning acoustic?