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    Introduction – Hello!

    Welcome to the Family!:) I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that we’re all excited to lead with you and see your bands material!!🤘🏽
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    note from m shadows

    Shads voice will be back to normal in no time. He’s got the worlds best vocal coach and I can agree, I’d rather have him be up front with us and not cancel shows unless his voice needs it. We’re with you Matt!
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    The Synyster Gates Shirts Are 😱😱!!

    Rock on🤘🏽 It’s worth the wait!
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    What Is Everyone Working On/ Learning? 🤗

    I’ve decided that to take my playing to the next level, I need to reconnect with my fundamental music theory roots. So I’ve decided the first step is going to be getting a better understanding of the fretboard. Learning which notes are where and so on. I’ve always had the first position notes...
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    What is this effect?

    The very beginning of what????
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    Always makes me laugh when people take shots at line 6

    I’ve had the Spider IV half stack for like 8 years now and a few months ago bought the Spide V240. I love both of them! Like you guys said, you just gotta tweak the settings and find the right sound! So versatile and you get so much BANG for your buck! Think about how many pedals you’d have to...
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    Is playing on multiple style guitars counterproductive?

    I would assume that it would be best to become proficient at as many models as possible. This would train your hands to not expect the same setup every time and would make you quicker at adapting. The way I see it, you wouldn’t want to be caught without your preferred guitar one day and not be...
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    Shocking news for me… opinions?

    Congrats! Awesome choice for the name! Very original! Now my first name is actually Torrence, and let me prepare you for your son to be pissed at you at some point for giving him a strange name lol. But he’ll appreciate it in the long run!;)
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    Need help with Ear Training

    Try out It’s been awhile since I used, but last I checked, the site has exercises for ear training. You hear a chord and have to choose which type, or hear a note and relate it to tonic, or hear a scale and choose which type. I’m sure this could be a big help!
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    Question about Professional Musicians

    I’m sure there is, there’s no way he’s got the whole catalogue completely memorized haha. Each song would come back to him fairly quickly I’m sure tho
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    Question about Professional Musicians

    I am curious, specifically about A7X, but also about professional musicians in general… how often do you guys get together for band practice??? Is it a weekly thing? Do you only practice to prepare for tours? Have you reached such a level that you guys just meet up a feed days before the tour...
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    Syn Gates School Messenger Someday? What Are Your Thoughts?

    I’m thinking YES! but it would work best inside of an app in my opinion. Then we could set up notifications and all that Jazz. I think an app would take this site to A New Level. Of Confidence. And Power.
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    Audio frequency

    Very interesting concept!
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    Simple, catchy, killer riffs?

    If you like Bullet, their riffs helped me a lot with rhythm (and are still good workouts). Definitely try: Suffocating Under the Words of Sorrow (this one was good for my alternate picking), Her Voice Resides, 10 Years Today (first BFMV song I learned), My Fist Your Mouth Her Scars, Waking the...
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    Ghost Dance Macabre

    Heard it first thing this morning! My fiancé and I both love it!
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    I did it :)

    Well done! Keep working and you’ll do nothing but develop more confidence! And when it comes to the mistakes, just imagine how many people in the crowd know how to play the guitar parts exactly right. Now divide that by two and that MIGHT be the number of people the could notice the mistake! Not...
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    Tips for buying a Schecter Guitar

    Most are good. Depends on what you’re looking for. Active or passive, bolt on or thru neck, Floyd Rose or standard, but no matter what you’re looking for. Schecter has something affordable that will get the job done🤘🏽
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    and all things will end

    Every time I hear Sidewinder, I picture Syn and Papa at the end going back and forth with those acoustic parts. THAT would be cool to see live!
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    You know Is it only me that like the simpler, chords/solo progression?

    I brought in my tab book and We analyzed a couple songs off of City of Evil in a high school music theory class I took and it was amazing. The teacher was very impressed with their songwriting and he was a hard guy to impress lol
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    Some Friendly Advice Needed

    Jak without you, this site would be lacking a very valuable asset. And the fact that you’re a great guitarist, but still have things to work on, only increases your value. Fuck the haters. We’ve all met them. We’re Sevenfold fans and we all know what kind of hate the band gets and now we, as...