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  1. Kelly Heinen

    New School Launches!

    Guitar is still out of commission so haven't been on as much but loving the new site!! Especially the dark mode offering. Good job on the new site!!
  2. Kelly Heinen

    Welcome to the Family

    Congratulations Syn and Michelle and family! Beautiful!!
  3. Kelly Heinen

    Happy Birthday to Synyster Motherfu**ing Gates

    Happy birthday, Syn!!!!
  4. Kelly Heinen

    Community Riffs!!!!

    @AdinSheperd> Thanks for the tip! I will check that previous thread out =) Calvin> Thank you for that tip, too. I will get a picture up tonight (or I think my videos might still be up…it’s in there). It’s a complete beginner acoustic but it’s working except the string issue, ha. =)
  5. Kelly Heinen

    Community Riffs!!!!

    Ed> I will have to post a picture of the guitar tomorrow. I only know it’s the really thin E string, and it’s on a 3/4 size acoustic if I remember correctly. I’ll see if I can get a string winder on my next check ☺. If I can get a single string, that would be awesome!
  6. Kelly Heinen

    Community Riffs!!!!

    A new string…and it’s probably stupid simple but I’ve been on a budget crunch, determined to pay down/off some debt, so I haven’t been able to get strings. There’s a shop in town that will restring it for me, but see above budget crunch =). That and I have no clue on strings. I think I asked...
  7. Kelly Heinen

    Rock am 2019

    @theraven> When is Slipknot streaming? Would like to watch that!
  8. Kelly Heinen

    The Ultimate Reward

    Well deserved, Jak! You’ve done so much for the students here and your advice is invaluable! I love this school and the community here. Everyone contributes to that community but Jak really helps bring us all together.
  9. Kelly Heinen

    Community Riffs!!!!

    Miss the lessons…still working on getting my guitar fixed. Anybody got a money tree? *laughs* But once I get some stuff paid off, or at least paid down, I’ll be able to get it worked on. Still enjoying the community, though!!
  10. Kelly Heinen

    Remembering The Rev

    I will always regret blowing my chance to see Jimmy live! It was 2008 and my show got rescheduled (three years later) but I couldn’t trade things around a third time at work. Kicking myself still for missing that. But I really loved his voice, how he was so comfortable with himself. He...
  11. Kelly Heinen

    How Is Everyone Doing This Sunday/Monday?

    SO and I went book shopping all afternoon. Best way to relax during hell month at job #1. Job #2 is heading into busy season, job #3 is winding down and waiting on an interview for a fourth. No guitar right now…can’t afford to fix a broken string but hoping to get ahead soon and get back...
  12. Kelly Heinen

    Shocking news for me… opinions?

    Haha, congrats! I agree, you should go with what works for you!
  13. Kelly Heinen

    Toxic Trolls

    I second everyone! I was terrified of posting a beginners video! But I received a lot of excellent feedback and tips and felt more confident next time. I have a thick skin, but it’s nice having a supportive community!!
  14. Kelly Heinen


    Thanks all! I apologize if my post sounded woe is me…I didn’t intend it that way. Been having a rough time with some stuff and it sometimes comes across on my posts. Thanks for all the awesome suggestions! I will do some research and get some money saved up. I hope to be up and running again...
  15. Kelly Heinen


    @edseith Where does get a string winder? If it’s easy to do at home, I’m all for saving my money! 🙂
  16. Kelly Heinen

    Synyster Gates School Merch?

    I’m addicted to hoodies, haha! And t-shirts. Bandanas. I like wearables. But please bring us 2X sizes and up 🙂
  17. Kelly Heinen


    I will see if our shop has those 🙂
  18. Kelly Heinen


    I totally snapped the high e-string on my guitar tonight. It was my fault but the mood I’m in it pissed me off. I’ve had a day or two like that… Anyways…saving up for new strings. What’s good for an acoustic? It’s a half-size and the last time I got new strings I let the guy at the music...
  19. Kelly Heinen

    How Did You Get Into A7X? Did The Music Help You Cope Ever?

    I discovered them through The River by Good Charlotte. I’d had a couple of their songsbut didn’t know it was them. Jimmy ignited my muse, which had taken a long vacation from writing. I’ve since published a short story and am still writing. Like many, I now find immense comfort i So Far...
  20. Kelly Heinen

    My profile page is gone

    Mine’s gone, too. I haven’t been on as much (had family stuff), but hope it comes back.