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  1. Andrew Fernandes

    What do you guys think of my new song?

    Just needs mastering.
  2. Andrew Fernandes

    How do I come up with a vocal line for this chorus?

    I have a chorus vocal recorded but I absolutely I hate it, it makes me sick. Finding it very hard to come up with the chorus melody line. The chorus is the orchestral one.
  3. Andrew Fernandes

    I have "we come out at night" live at warped tour in way better quality than hopeless records.

    The only problem is this label(Hopeless records) is very difficult I could get them more views and they would be getting paid also. They would get the revenue, win, win. But I don't want to risk the video getting taken down, and impact my channel. What should I do? Maybe nobody wants to see that...
  4. Andrew Fernandes

    Critique my playing? Do you like my original melody also?

    I asked a friend he said that my vibrato was off and that I am playing wrong because my fingers are arched. I thought my vibrato was very good I thought this was a good performance.
  5. Andrew Fernandes

    I can't get a good acoustic plugged in tone :(

    This is so frustrating. I know its possible because someone on youtube with the same specs as me has done it. But they are not willing to share how they did it.
  6. Andrew Fernandes

    Can I move onto something else now?

    The main issue I was having was the bends and the little run after one of the two bends. set me free intro harmonies. This is so frustrating hope this is good enough.
  7. Andrew Fernandes

    I Give Up Trying to get this tone!Help!

    I have included my attempt and the original. What the hell is it clean, crunch or distorted I have no idea how to create something close. Do I need Stratocaster, or can I use my coil-split to achieve the tone? I have spent some days just trying to get this tone! It sounds like its clean but...
  8. Andrew Fernandes

    Is my guitar tone good for this song?

    For "Set me free"
  9. Andrew Fernandes

    Did I transpose this half a step up correctly to e standard?

    I had the begging harmony there but for some reason, it got deleted just need to figure out the last part.
  10. Andrew Fernandes

    My Ep is out!

    Tell me what you guys think.
  11. Andrew Fernandes

    Used my Guitar for midi, also did I do good mixing?

    Used a plugin called migic its not great but it helped.
  12. Andrew Fernandes

    Is my riff original or is it a bat country rip off?

    also have no idea which chords to use
  13. Andrew Fernandes

    Is this a good movie trailer intro song?

    I tried to be creative with the panning options. I used logic pro x and used my keyboard for the midi.