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  1. Kat the metalhead

    Accidental pull offs

    So for the past few months I’ve been practicing sweeping and its been going good but every time I speed up a bit and switch a note I do a pull off by accident. Any suggestions or exercises I can do to fix this??
  2. Kat the metalhead

    New painting I made!!

    So I just recently finished this painting of syn at art school and thought you guys would want to see it! It took me 9 hours because I’m the biggest perfectionist 😂 By the way I have no idea why the picture is not facing up properly I tried to fix but not sure how.
  3. Kat the metalhead

    Taking a break

    I hope everyone doesn’t mind that I posted this here but I Just thought I’d let everyone know I won’t be active on here for a few days because my dog ginger passed away yesterday morning. I’m completely heart broken and shocked, I just lost my best friend 😭 This is the first pet I’ve lost and...
  4. Kat the metalhead

    New tattoo!

    I thought I’d share my new tattoo I literally just got done now. I’ve been wanting a deathbat tattoo ever since I started listening to a7x at age 13 and when I turned 18 I told myself I’m gonna do it someday and I did it today! I designed it myself cuz I wanted something more unique than just...
  5. Kat the metalhead

    How do I stop loosing my guitar picks

    This is beyond dumb but I keep losing my guitar picks so freaking quickly I’ll buy like 6 at a time and by the end of the week I have 1 😂 any suggestions on where to put them when I’m done playing or how you guys store them
  6. Kat the metalhead

    Guitar picks

    So I was at toys r us today hoping to find some new wrestling figures and I saw these guitar picks and I couldn’t stop laughing 😂 there literally 2.5 inches tall 😂
  7. Kat the metalhead

    What should I practice?

    I’ve been playing guitar for about 5 years and I’ve never played a solo and I’m beyond disappointed in my self, this is mainly because all the guitar teachers I had doubted me or really had no interest in helping and the one teacher I really liked and bonded with out of know where moved to...
  8. Kat the metalhead

    Pinky issues

    I just got back into guitar lately and I’ve noticed when I try to play with my pinky it just flys every where and I can’t get it to stay close to the neck 😂 This was not an issue when I played was nu metal cuz basically you just slap your guitar but now that I want to get into soloing this is...