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    Changing tones on the fly.

    I’m wondering how people are able to switch between distorted tones and a clean tone in the middle of a song. I’ve noticed people do something with the effects on the guitar to make it sound clean. For example syn does this before he plays the interlude on so far away.
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    So Far Away Interlude

    So here it is as promised, I couldn’t post it in the riffs section as I can’t verify my account. I’m still a beginner at guitar and an even bigger beginner at finger picking. I tried learning this a few months ago and struggled a bit, after practising the buried alive intro for a while I decided...
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    Barre chord muting.

    Okay so I’ve been practising the CAGED system using lesson 23 forward, I can play most of the shapes well but I am struggling to find ways to mute the open 6th string on some chord shapes like the C. Any tips?