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    Barre F Chord

    PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! Seriously it feels so unnatural at first but with time it is so easy and you probably wont get it overnight, I certainly didnt. If you have trouble with stretching try the shape at higher frets (for example a C chord at the 8th fret).
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    Tapping issues

    When i was learning it i started it slow and just did the pull off to 9 and hammer on to 11. It really is that simple when you think about it, but it is super important to nail the rhythm/timing slow. Then you can just speed it up from there. As for the muting the left hand is the same as...
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    Still Having "Dead Tone" Issues

    If not the battery it may be related to the volume or tone pots, more than likely battery though.
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    "Paradigm Strings" Problem With Sustain?

    Try the cobalt slinkys
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    New riff, any tips?

    Warmness on the soul is one of my favourite solos to play, You should learn both solos for so far away and gunslinger. Gunslinger is especially fun to play.
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    Pentatonic scale. I know a lot about the major scale, like the pattern of how to get the notes in a major scale ,WWHWWWH. but the lessons about the pentatonic scale dont really explain why the notes are what they are or the pattern for them. Plus i still only know the basic position for all...
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    Changing strings

    I get what you mean, these are the steps i follow. Get the string through the tuner with enough left over to wrap it around 2-3 times. Bend the string upwards to prevent it moving or having a visual mark where it should be in the tuner. Tune it up enough to have it wrapped once and then i pull...
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    Changing strings

    Temporarily having all the strings off does not have a negative effect on your neck or truss rod. You can leave it for days and it wont really effect it much, plus how else can you clean it properly. As for getting the string tight around the peg i hold the string tight or sort of pull it...
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    Unreleased Synyster Gates Custom S

    That’s what prototype means. Not necessarily how its going to be in the finished state. Check Drum City Guitar Land’s website every day they might end up getting it and you could buy it if you want it that bad.
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    Unreleased Synyster Gates Custom S

    99% sure thats a prototype of the black moon guitar
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    Want new guitar, which one

    I bought a schecter banshee elite 6 fr-s 2 days ago. It is literally my dream guitar and i am so grateful i am able to buy a guitar that can work with me and not against me.
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    I wish I had 2500 lol

    In saying that as well the “This is much more than just a guitar as you will quickly learn once you’ve become a part of this exclusive family.” bit makes me scratch my chin.
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    I wish I had 2500 lol

    I could very easily afford one but I’ve already got a syn custom and 2500usd (considering i live in Aus aswell) is a lot for a guitar i already own just in a different colour. Yes its cool but paying like $4000 of my own currency for a korean made guitar still makes me say no to it.
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    What's your dream guitar collection?

    Ed I sure hope its some sort of Ormsby, more than likely being multiscale.
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    Tips fo metal/rock songs to play as beginner

    The rhythm parts of second heartbeat are pretty easy to wrap your head around. Can easily play the simple parts through the whole song and the short little technical parts are a good challenge.
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    Question about playing live

    My friend has a pedal board with an expression pedal and when its not being used for anything specific its acts as a master volume. So its quite easy to adjust on the fly what volume level you want and accurate too.
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    What would be some songs that we can play after completing Beginner Module?

    I just learned all of So Far Away, its pretty easy but also challenging enough at the same time.
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    Solo writing frustration

    Hey bud here is a link to a post dedicated entirely to this. There’s quite a few people on there who have made videos detailing how they write their solos so hopefully it is helpful for you. Solo Trouble
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    The end of the hunt

    I bought my Synyster custom 6 months ago as my first guitar lol. It’s been great to learn on, it’s even more amazing what a good guitar player can do with it.
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    Can confirm for Boss Katana. I have the 50 watt version which comes as a combo with a 12 inch speaker. Perfect if you want to crank the volume loud or set it to 0.5 watt and use to practise in your room. They are the best amps for the price range.They have 4 electric amp types as well as an...