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  1. Tristan Martinek

    What the heck?!

    All that I understand from what you are explaining seems to be fret leveling issue… But again I’m not sure to get everything ^^’ Did you change guauge ? Is your neck straight ? Try to push harder on the string to see if it’s start to sound like a G (even if it’s sharp odd), if so it’s probably...
  2. Tristan Martinek

    Does Drop D twist your neck

    Okay, 3 days after set my 9-46 in Drop D, the neck is straight. Not even needed to touche the truss rod. So in my opinion use hybrid gauges if you use drop tunings kid ! 🙂
  3. Tristan Martinek

    Lets Share our Dream geetars

    It’s not a specific one for me… I need to have 24 frets, with great access to the end of the neck, two humbuckers with split, fast and slim neck profile, a good floyd that stays in tune… I got a Schecter Synyster Special, and it works great, but I got to change the Floyd, and I will replace the...
  4. Tristan Martinek

    Does Drop D twist your neck

    I just bought 9-46 hybrid slinky, so I’ll have to play with the Truss rod but I think it will be good, stay tuned.
  5. Tristan Martinek

    Does Drop D twist your neck

    Yeah Cody, I would have set up the saddle of a Tune o Matic higher for a drop tune, but in my case it’s a floyd, and you have to high the hole piece, not only one string :/ And still no, my guitars are stored in a dry and warm place, without even sweat. And one is a unbranded china strat copy I...
  6. Tristan Martinek

    Does Drop D twist your neck

    I know how to set up a brdige, a neck, how to change string gauges… I am talking about a twist like this, not something that can be fixed by truss rod
  7. Tristan Martinek

    Does Drop D twist your neck

    These two guitars had never left my room since they got in… I don’t sweat… And I saw guitars that almost slept outdoor, with rusty strings that had a neck straight. Humidity is not the point here. But think about it : doctors fulminate against everyone who got their backpack on one shoulder, and...
  8. Tristan Martinek

    Does Drop D twist your neck

    Thanks Ids, I’ll check theses gauges out 🙂 Hey Kevin, it’s not about thicker strings for the whole neck, only the low string that is tuned a step lower. According to D’addario, each string of a 10-46 set pull between 7 and 8.6 kg (15.4-19 lbs) when tuned in E standard. So if one string pull...
  9. Tristan Martinek

    Does Drop D twist your neck

    If Papa Gates or Syn could see this and tell how their gears are set up, it would be incredible ^^ I got a Schecter Synyster Special 🙂
  10. Tristan Martinek

    Does Drop D twist your neck

    Hello I’m afraid that keeping my schecter in Drop D twist my neck. I bought it from second hand and the guy that played it had 9-42 in E standard. When I received it, i cleaned it up and mounted my 10-46 tuned in drop D. But should I buy a bigger gauge for my low string ? My neck is concave in...
  11. Tristan Martinek

    Greatest Metal memes (leave link)

    Yeah Carlos was a French singer, he sang dumb and funny things ^^ He was in TV shows for kids, things like that
  12. Tristan Martinek

    Recording audio and video

    Hey James, try Amplitube, I think it’s a lot better 😉
  13. Tristan Martinek

    Beginner Guitar & Amp Recommendations

    Don’t forget to take a look to second hand guitars, lot of great deals ! 😉 My EX-50 is brand new 400€ worth, and I got it for 300€ with 81/85 mounted in already. And my Schecter Synyster Special was a second hand too, 600€ with the case 😉
  14. Tristan Martinek

    Recording audio and video

    I agree for the Scarlett Solo, got mine ^^ A little pain to setup with Windows and Cubase, then when it’s done it’s easy af Moreover Scarlett can record an amp with the XLR input, or with the Jack Line input and from you FX Loop.
  15. Tristan Martinek

    Greatest Metal memes (leave link)

    No need to understand French B)
  16. Tristan Martinek

    Rig setup

    I would say if you have to droptune, get a Digitech The Drop or Digitech Whammy TD, very useful 😉 If you have an FX loop, put a volume pedal before reverb, delay, chorus, phaser… Like that you can cut your sound, but still have reverb and delay running, lot more realistic. But that’s hard to...
  17. Tristan Martinek

    Let's get to know each other!

    Hello, I’m Tristan from France I’m 19 and I started playing with Rocksmith… And I still play on it ^^ I’m about 500+ hours spent on this game, that I bought in April 2015. Since I learned not that much theory but developed my musical ear so deep. I can now play Avenged Sevenfold and Dream...
  18. Tristan Martinek

    Favourite Avenged Sevenfold song and why

    So much to say, so hard to choose… Angels, best ballad Crimson Day, the only slow that I listen to Doin Time, it reminds me some “Surfin with the Alien” of Satriani, fast moving song God Hates Us, more thrashy Heretic, best solo for me Paradigm, kind of the most significant lyrics for me...
  19. Tristan Martinek

    Top 5 favourite guitarists

    Order is hard, damn ^^ -Synyster Gates Jr & Sr (All they can assume is dope, metal to gipsy, jazzy stuff…) -John Petrucci (His search for his perfect sound is incredible) -John Frusciante (Less is more, around the world’ solo x) ) -Rabea Massaad (mostly for his complex chords that make his songs...
  20. Tristan Martinek

    Effects durinog practice

    For me effects can be part of the song Listen to God Damn of A7X, Syn’s solo’s completely made by some Whammy pedal… And like Seb said, you hear scratches and noises you don’t if you don’t play with gain 😉 For me, I try to learn songs EXACTLY how they are played first, even which pickup is used...