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  1. Schmidtrock

    Let's Take It To The Next Level 🎸🎶

    Hmm, not crazy about a live stream but will give a firm maybe on this. I'll see how it evolves. Also I work swing shift so it'll be morning weekdays for me.
  2. Schmidtrock

    From all of us: Thank You Jak!

    Just my short time here so far I can see what a great fucking dude you are Jak. Such a sweet and caring human being. I'm proud to share oxygen with you. I don't care for most people, as most people suck. You're not one of them. ❤
  3. Schmidtrock

    I'm Fucking LIVID

    Good luck with this Jak, I have all the confidence in the world you can do it!
  4. Schmidtrock

    I'm Fucking LIVID

    Hmm, sounds like Mr. Rose is something I'll want to avoid in future GAS attacks....
  5. Schmidtrock

    well hello there

    Welcome, welcome, welcome!
  6. Schmidtrock

    Thoughts on Nu Metal?

  7. Schmidtrock

    *MUSIC THEORY* Forums Created!

    Most excellent! Thank you!
  8. Schmidtrock

    🎸New Forum/Riff Section JUST FOR BEGINNERS🎸

    Having an oldtimer's moment, I can't seem to find this?
  9. Schmidtrock

    Are you loyal to one brand in particular?

    I've been on a Fender rip for a while now but think I'm over it. I have no loyalties myself, I love them all and frequently drool at the used corner in my local GC. This was my most recent Fender buy last weekend. Page Dragon Tele. (not the 11k custom) 😛
  10. Schmidtrock

    Are you loyal to one brand in particular?

    If George Jetson shredded. Man what a sticker shock are they insane?
  11. Schmidtrock

    Welcome to the black parade in the style of A7x

    o_O Whoa!! Checking these guys out and dat axe!
  12. Schmidtrock

    🎸New Forum/Riff Section JUST FOR BEGINNERS🎸

    Thank you Jak! I don't do much riffing yet but I'll try and throw a vid or two up.
  13. Schmidtrock


    Huzzah! Still got time to get one in. For the meantime, Papa Gates, Syn AND Jak, thank you all so much for this school and the awesome camaraderie we have. You all rock! 🤘 🎸
  14. Schmidtrock

    Advice for beginners

    Definitely follow the lessons in order here and, Learn Songs! You must enjoy yourself or you will walk away again. Ask me how I know. :cool:
  15. Schmidtrock

    MUSIC THEORY - Lesson 4 - Guitar tabs

    Good stuff, keep it up!
  16. Schmidtrock

    Acacia Ridge

    Ahh, most definitely Haunted and then Malevolence and Beyond the Gray. That oughta last me through 2021 :LOL:
  17. Schmidtrock

    Acacia Ridge

    Received it yesterday thanks! Really nice packaging and insert booklet, that is a pleasant bonus! Any plans to tab out your songs and offer them for purchase? I'm a fan guys, keep it up.
  18. Schmidtrock

    I'm So Happy. I Love You All

    Thank you @Jak Angelescu for all you do and thank you for this post. Got me in the feels. :love:
  19. Schmidtrock

    I'm So Happy. I Love You All

    You're in good company here! Heck, I'm a 54 year old trying to learn guitar. Keep dreaming and focusing.
  20. Schmidtrock

    hi from tennessee

    Hi from North Carolina!