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  1. DrewJamz

    Comment by 'DrewJamz' in media 'a little solo with the existing backing track'

    Your phrasing and touch on those notes are super good. That is probably your strength. As far as playing fast, think of more relaxation. Then repeat certain licks, even if simple. Gradually try to go faster and faster.
  2. DrewJamz - "Islands" - scratch demo

    DrewJamz - "Islands" - scratch demo

    Song in Cm, a rarity in hard rock. Hopefully this illustrates that this particular key gives an opportunity to show that a simple open G makes for a nice slam chord...somewhere in the song. :)
  3. DrewJamz

    Total guitar 'greatest guitar players ever'

    Can't take these lists too seriously if Michael Schenker of UFO, Scorpions and M.S.G. legend isn't on it. His work was a bridge from the early 70s space rock of his predecessors to modern heavy rock in the mid 70s which helped pave the way to neo-classical metal. He's been quoted by Kirk...
  4. DrewJamz - "Valleri" - Monkees - guitaraoke jam

    DrewJamz - "Valleri" - Monkees - guitaraoke jam

  5. DrewJamz - "DSM 5" - scratch demo

    DrewJamz - "DSM 5" - scratch demo

    Whenever I have time, I like to do quick recordings of my rough ideas with drum tracks, so I don't forget them. I have had completed songs, and if I didn't "practice" them enough, some went down the memory hole, lol. I do not actually like singing but I do the filler vocals to map the melodies...
  6. DrewJamz

    Comment by 'DrewJamz' in media 'SLAUGHTERVILLE'

    Awesome tune, really love the groove and story. Good melody too...
  7. DrewJamz

    Comment by 'DrewJamz' in media 'Mental Issue - Mental Break'

    Excellent phrasing and the way you control your notes, with those bends. Great guitar sound. I don't really get into drop tunings for myself but it's cool watching other guitarists do it.
  8. DrewJamz

    Comment by 'DrewJamz' in media 'My first original guitar solo'

    Very nice melodies!
  9. DrewJamz

    Comment by 'DrewJamz' in media 'Tasteless Ab Lydian Improv'

    That is like a cool six-string raga. That was an awesome bend at around 1:54. Overall the free-flowing expression was great.
  10. DrewJamz

    Critique my playing? Do you like my original melody also?

    Yeah, I like your overall solo, and it's ORIGINAL and tasteful. I agree the vibrato at around :23 was great. But at :26 I think you could have put some more vibrato on that note, or held on to it longer. That's probably just me with a note selection preference. I don't see anything wrong...
  11. DrewJamz

    I met Metallica and Armored Saint at an autograph signing at the bygone Texas Tapes & Records in...

    I met Metallica and Armored Saint at an autograph signing at the bygone Texas Tapes & Records in Houston back in 1985. We got my brother's Kill 'Em All vinyl signed. The only thing I had to get signed was a school folder with hand-drawn rock band logos and quotes. Both bands seem to enjoy that...
  12. DrewJamz


    My name is Andrew. I've been playing for over 30 years. I like playing melodic old-school 70s-early 80s type heavy rock. One day I hope to get much deeper into mellower Mason Williams or Tony Mottola type guitar styles but the addiction of the Ibanez Tube Screamer all these years is awfully...