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  1. Dave Ward

    feeling like I'm not good at guitar

    I think every player has these feelings very once awhile. Personally I think the guitar is like your voice. You can refine your expression and vocabulary as you grow and age but it’s important not to get too discouraged because what is really important is what you have to say not that you say it...
  2. Dave Ward

    Feature Requests for Synyster Gates School?

    great site but as mentioned above I would find it very helpful to be able to print the lessons.
  3. Dave Ward

    Good low-intermidiate guitar solos

    I usually look up tabs and try to correct stuff that’s wrong but That is mostly because I am really lazy. I probably could and should do it by ear Same. I think personally once you know a fair bit of guitar you can tell a bad tab just by the fingering position. Guitar, in general, is a very...
  4. Dave Ward

    Good low-intermidiate guitar solos

    I think for low- intermediate level solos technique wise you want to look at Zeppelin or Sabbath. But remember what made these solos great are the timing and feel – technique is only a tool for expression. Also don’t neglect bending and vibrato which while hard to learn gives the guitar a real...
  5. Dave Ward

    what is a good tube amp for an apartment

    If you looking for a great clean tube tone or blues rock I love my Bugera 5watt tube amp. It is switchable down to .1 or 1 watt too so nice compression at super low volume. definitely not a high gain amp though but you could drive it with effects. Good value for the money.
  6. Dave Ward

    Recording yourself playing.

    I find just recording a lot helps. I still get tense if I think about it but the more you do it the easier it gets. I usually end up doing @ few takes and posting the best one. I don’t care too much if it’s perfect but I like music to have a good vibe or energy so I try for that.
  7. Dave Ward

    Favourite type of alt. Music to draw inspiration from.

    I like jazz but more saxophone than guitar with a few exceptions. I really like the improvising in jazz. Sonny Rollins would be one of my favourites. Charlie Parker was amazing too. I get a bit intimidated because of the advanced chord progressions and sheer speed sometimes but it can be...
  8. Dave Ward

    Hearing Protection

    I always wear earplugs at jams, gigs and concerts. Even the cheapest kind at a music store is better than the foam ones you get at a hardware store because they let in the mids and high frequencies and sound much better while still cutting the decibel level to a safer volume. I also like to...
  9. Dave Ward's riff from January 8, 2018 at 7:20 pm

    Dave Ward's riff from January 8, 2018 at 7:20 pm

    Blues improv
  10. Dave Ward's riff from January 8, 2018 at 7:18 pm

    Dave Ward's riff from January 8, 2018 at 7:18 pm

    Video for an instrumental I wrote awhile ago.
  11. Dave Ward

    Planning practice

    to get scale patterns and new licks under my fingers I will run up and down them watching TV. Allows me to learn some patterns with time that is otherwise useless. I find the best thing is set aside a set time each day and try to block that out for focused practice. That and find musician...
  12. Dave Ward

    Favorite Syn Solo

    Hail to the king is my favourite. There are a few runs in there almost like a gypsy jazz vibe that I really love. Haven’t quite got those up to speed though.
  13. Dave Ward

    Where is everybody from?

    Hi. From Canada here. Not a beginner but always more to learn. Loving the site so far.
  14. Dave Ward

    Tabs to print?

    No I meant from the lessons here.
  15. Dave Ward

    Tabs to print?

    Soundsslice is a great tool but I’m old school and like to read from paper. Is there anyway to print the tabs? Thanks.
  16. Dave Ward

    Improve the music/guitar Knowledges without instrument

    I think knowing the fretboard is important. Lots of great apps and websites to help with thatthat you can use while away from the guitar. My favourite is a great free site musictheory.net.
  17. Dave Ward

    Tips to make the site better!

    Just getting into the site for a first visit. With time I think sub categories and search option would benefit the forum part. Looking forward to delv8ng into the lessons. Thanks for creating this.