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  1. Mervin Moras

    Favourite Hallelujah cover?

    I saw Papa Gates’ Hallelujah cover and it was inspiring. But I’ve always had my favourite cover of this song and it had to be from Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge. 🙂 Let me know which one’s YOUR favourite by posting links below or just enjoy this one. Be inspired!
  2. Mervin Moras

    New logo?

    I modified the logo just for fun. Check it out 🙂
  3. Mervin Moras

    Betcha can't play this: Tosin Abasi's hammer ons

    Here’s an example of Tosin Abasi’s hammer on technique. I’ve tabbed out the first example he shows if anyone wants to learn. Enjoy. This one’s haaaard 😀 Link to tab:
  4. Mervin Moras is for everyone

    Is there anyone here that got into this website without knowing Avenged Sevenfold or Synyster Gates? That would be great. I would encourage everyone to pass on this website to anyone you know that would be interested in learning guitar. I myself have gotten 1 or more people to sign up here so...
  5. Mervin Moras

    Harmonies. How to play them?

    Are there any lessons on harmonies on this website? If there aren’t then I’d be happy to provide one myself soon on what they are and some fun ways to use them with examples from this website. It’s similar to what Zacky and Syn do on their albums and live. I know there are a lot of pros on this...