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  1. Fahol

    Comment by 'Fahol' in media '6 mai 2020'

    Thank you !! ><' Yes it is, i need to continue to build the all song !
  2. 6 mai 2020

    6 mai 2020

    Litle riff, far from being perfect.. ^^
  3. Fahol

    Comment by 'Fahol' in media 'Unholy Confessions'

    NIIIICE !! One of my favorite! you play great together!! <3 <3 <3
  4. Fahol

    You got that sound!!

    You got that sound!!
  5. Fahol

    Comment by 'Fahol' in media 'Afterlife guitar cover!'

    You have that a7x sound, with that ltd SG like.. man.. so nice ><! Custom pickups or not?
  6. Fahol

    Comment by 'Fahol' in media 'CAGED system sweeping approach (re-post)'

    Good this time, thanks again! I'll definitly work on it
  7. Fahol

    Comment by 'Fahol' in media '1st Attempt at Fingerpicking - "Good Riddance"'

    You are right to seek support with your right hand, however, I still have the impression that the hand is floating. When I do fingers picking, I bump my thumb on the string in order to reinforce the support (when it's possible!). I will try to make a video of some arppegios .. :) Anyway...
  8. Fahol

    Comment by 'Fahol' in media 'Lesson 38 (crossover picking)'

    Nice regularity ! Keep it up!
  9. Fahol

    Comment by 'Fahol' in media 'RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS – SNOW (Guitar Cover by Luca Saccomando)'

    Clean, this riff is harder to pick proper that wath it looks like!
  10. Fahol

    Comment by 'Fahol' in media 'The Metallica Downpicking Experiment'

    Niiice, remains me some old goooood time !!!
  11. Fahol


    Welcome ! :) We are all here to help each-others! If you struggle with anything, just ask!
  12. Fahol

    Newbie here!

    Welcome Lea! Feel free to ask all you questions about learning and stuffs; all the people here are great and helpfull. And yea, agreeing with wath Jak said, don't be affraid of anything when you learn guitar or wathver, first, go at wath talk to you, play wath you like and play song you want...
  13. Fahol

    New member

    Welcome Paul ! :)
  14. Fahol


    Wow :o
  15. Fahol

    Comment by 'Fahol' in media 'Scream Solo'

    Creazy right hand :o
  16. Fahol

    Comment by 'Fahol' in media 'Afterlife Solo'

    That was awesome :o that part with kind of fast sweep.. damn.. Good jod
  17. Fahol

    Comment by 'Fahol' in media '"Not Ready to Die" - Full Intro practice'

    You got it! For the low note, there is two things you can try, first is from the right hand, right atfer you play that low note, cut the vibration with the side of your thumb or your hand (like a palm-mute without picking). Second is harder but lead to a clean relust, it's on the left hand, in...
  18. Fahol

    New here

    Welcome !! Wow, flute is so nice to..! Really different, but am sure that you will find your marks. Someday, i want to hear the flute ! This comunity is really awesome, you will find all you need to progress !!
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