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  1. Tonnie Van Dorland

    CAGED System – The E Shape – Lesson 27

    "less is more? more is more!" ~yngwy malmsteen~
  2. Tonnie Van Dorland

    Where should I learn theory?,

    Although he is a bassist, i'd recommend adam neely
  3. Tonnie Van Dorland

    Hi everyone

    welcome to the family iknow bad pun... but anyway, welcome and enjoy your time on here
  4. Tonnie Van Dorland

    Key vs Scale?

    key is wich chords are used scale is what you can play over those chords correct me if i'm wrong
  5. Tonnie Van Dorland

    Are you loyal to one brand in particular?

    For me brand isn't important when i'm buying a guitar I just listen to the sound, and try to match it with the sound I have in my mind so is my main guitar a DIY guitar from thomann's home brand harley benton. I changed the pick ups for some seymour duncans and it sounds great imo
  6. Tapping lick Am pentatonic

    Tapping lick Am pentatonic

    Sorry for my poor poor timing, i was just fooling around and then found this It's a fun riff to practice tapping with 2 fingers
  7. Tonnie Van Dorland

    well hello there

    Sounds leggit 😂
  8. Riff challenge: crazy train

    Riff challenge: crazy train

    I was challenged by Ed Seith to play the crazy train riff Lemme know what you guys think about it🤘
  9. Tonnie Van Dorland

    Riff Challenge Game! Everybody feel free to participate

    Intro riff or verse riff? 🤘
  10. Tonnie Van Dorland

    well hello there

  11. Tonnie Van Dorland

    Suggestions for a songs to play with someone else

    maybe holy diver by dio
  12. Tonnie Van Dorland

    well hello there

    heeyheey My name is Tonnie, I'm from the Netherlands and I'm 19 years old I have been playing guitar for about 3 years and just recently started on my music theory I hope to make some new friends here and just enjoy making music with everyone here.
  13. Tonnie Van Dorland

    Overview of The CAGED System – Lesson 23

    great lesson, can't wait to apply it to my playing
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