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  1. chris_is_cool


    Such a great video, thank you so much @Jak Angelescu for everything, and amazing contributions from everyone. Huge congrats to @Jacques, very well deserved.
  2. chris_is_cool


    Such an important message, and a super dope video! 😁🤩
  3. chris_is_cool


    Alright, so this is gonna be my final contribution. Still some major fuckups, but it's not gonna get better in two days, and at least I'm pretending to play to a metronome :ROFLMAO: . I first started learning this song way back in May, when I was playing for just 2 months and could barely...
  4. chris_is_cool


    Copyright blocked :cry:
  5. chris_is_cool

    Comment by 'chris_is_cool' in media 'Seize the day ( half progress/half encouragement for my fellow beginners)'

    This is sooo true. We all fuck up. And especially when recording, it is particularly hard to turn of that little voice saying "you want to share this with people, don't fuck it up", which makes it even harder. And we always want to show ourselves from the best side on the shallow world of...
  6. chris_is_cool


    I'm stoked about this news, I will definitely put the additional time to good use and try to improve as much as possible. :)
  7. chris_is_cool

    Eddie Van Halen Tributes

    I wanted to share with you my practice on Ain't Talking 'Bout Love. Will probably do a play-along to a backing track, once it is cleaned up a bit more.
  8. chris_is_cool

    Eddie Van Halen Tributes

    I learned Ain't Talking 'bout Love this summer, I could barely do it at like 30% original speed back then :ROFLMAO: . I'm gonna clean it up a bit and post my version by the weekend at the latest,by now I should be able to make it at 80% :LOL:. As I said in the other thread, Eddie was the master...
  9. chris_is_cool


    I'm still at a loss for words... I'm pretty sure Ain't Talking Bout Love Was the first guitar riff that I've consciously heard and thought to myself "Holy shit, that sounds cool". I was like 9 or 10. To this day, it's still low key in my top 5 guitar riffs of all time, with all its apparent...
  10. chris_is_cool

    Comment by 'chris_is_cool' in media 'Down picking advice? Arch Enemy - Nemesis.'

    I love it, and I love the song choice. My picking speed is still far away from this, but it looked pretty clean to me.
  11. chris_is_cool

    First Riff VS. Now

    The first riff that I filmed myself (and also uploaded to this site) about 4 months ago: https://syngates.com/media/sweet-child-omine-intro-lick-80-bpm.3351/ And now I'm using the same riff and the first half of the song as a warmup when I first pickup the guitar for the day...
  12. Daily Practice Warmup - Sweet Child o' Mine (Related to first riff challenge)

    Daily Practice Warmup - Sweet Child o' Mine (Related to first riff challenge)

    Allright, so this was the first riff that I uploaded on this site ~ 4 months ago. By now, I'm using the intro, verse & chorus and the first two mini-soli as a daily warmup. For me, the warmup is there to get relaxed and get in the mood to play, so any serious metronome exercises (riffs...
  13. chris_is_cool

    Revelations of the CAGED system

    On a standard guitar, and keyboard, piano and many other instruments, F# and Gb have the same pitch, but they are not the same note! There are many reasons for that, but the most simple one comes from notating the major scale. Consider the G Major scale. It is G A B C D E F# G (and then it...
  14. chris_is_cool

    Comment by 'chris_is_cool' in media 'Arpeggios - Blues Rythm in A'

    No worries, you will get there. :D I would say the following lessons on this site are particularly relevant to what I tried to explain: Lesson 7, 8, 9, 21, 48 and 49 (and then lesson 68 for the 12 bar blues).
  15. chris_is_cool

    Comment by 'chris_is_cool' in media 'Arpeggios - Blues Rythm in A'

    That's perfectly fine, music theory is a huge and maybe daunting subject. I had already some music theory background from other instruments when I started with guitar, so I was able to refresh that part relatively quickly and focus more on applying it to the guitar specifically. To give a...
  16. chris_is_cool

    Comment by 'chris_is_cool' in media 'Arpeggios - Blues Rythm in A'

    Correct, I just picked all the root notes from the E string, picking them eg. from the same position is a different, but equally solid and important exercise. :D My ultimate goal though, in terms of fretboard awareness, is to not really think about positions at all anymore and instead just...
  17. chris_is_cool

    Comment by 'chris_is_cool' in media 'Arpeggios - Blues Rythm in A'

    Yeah, with the heat wave going on right now (it just started to cool down a bit with some thunderstorms), I cannot survive without my fan. :ROFLMAO:
  18. Arpeggios - Blues Rythm in A

    Arpeggios - Blues Rythm in A

    Just a simple exercise playing Arpeggios over a simple I7 - IV7 - V7 Blues progression.
  19. chris_is_cool

    Please Send Love To A Hurting Fellow Student

    My deepest condolences to you and your family, I cannot fathom how this must feel. I hope you and your loved ones are able to find comfort in each other in these difficult times. @Millie Imber @AcesAurA
  20. chris_is_cool

    Introduction to Power Chords and Palm Muting – Lesson 18

    Using the 2nd finger to mute the 6th string is also a common technique, it's what my teacher taught me. For me it took a couple of weeks to really get used to it, but now it's second nature and I don't need to think about it anymore. But you can also try to mute with the index finger, as long as...
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