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  1. Aidan Peters

    Happy Birthday White Album!!!!

    I may have been 3 years old when this album released but the impact and inspiration that it gives me will last for the rest of my life. What's your guy's favorite song from the infamous album?
  2. Aidan Peters

    🚨 Contest Announcement!!! 🚨

    The winners amp should have a stick of Papa Gates on the back...
  3. Aidan Peters

    Señor Gates and His Merch

    @Syn Gates
  4. Aidan Peters

    Señor Gates and His Merch

    Mr. Gates... I think this model of the VII Syns shirt would look stunning with a custom S with it...preferably signed?? But in all seriousness this shirt is awesome as well as the whole Endless Summer line I’m proud to pledge my allegiance to the Synners🎸🤘🤘
  5. Aidan Peters

    What Keeps Me Going

    As my dream goal in life is to become a professional guitarist... I’m beyond proud and grateful to say that Papa and Synyster Gates are the guys that are teaching me
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