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  1. Sayonil Mitra

    I am struggling to find the desired tone from my guitar and amp. help.

    First my gear: Fender Strat (8 yrs old, 3 single coil pickups) Boss ME25 processor VOX pathfinder amp I am a massive massive fan of huge, wide rhythm guitar tones, tones which absolutely crush anything it sees under its synyster weight. For example, Rhythm tone from songs Hail to the King and...
  2. Sayonil Mitra

    Something about the new song I made

    At first, I was hesitating to post this in the main forum after posting it in the riff section. But this song is, good or bad, a kind of a personal milestone for me. before this one, whatever I wrote was just a compilation of riffs and solos. They had no "narrative" or "continuity" to them. But...
  3. Sayonil Mitra

    I am back to making short pieces and this is my 2nd one, hope you guys like it

    Any suggestion on how to mix this in a better way or make it sound better and I will send a pigeon with a cookie to you.
  4. Sayonil Mitra

    After Long Time

    I haven’t made or posted anything anywhere for a long time. Recently I got motivated to start making small pieces and posting them somewhere after watching one of my uncles making videos while working full time. here’s mine
  5. Sayonil Mitra

    Question about tone in this BFMV song

    Listen to this part There is a fullness to the backing guitars playing power chords. Is this fullness coming from the bass guitar or is the tone super amazing? I simply cannot replicate this thing with my electric guitar. I am lost 🙁
  6. Sayonil Mitra

    What to do to start improving in improvising?

    I feel like many players struggle with improvising. I am no virtuoso myself. But I believe I am better at improvising than I was a year ago. To do that, I had taken a tactical way and so far, it is working fine for me at least. So I thought I should share this in case anyone else finds this...
  7. Sayonil Mitra

    Jared Dines is taking original solos of everyone until 1 May

    All details in the video:-
  8. Sayonil Mitra

    I am so sad to know this but this is true…

    This is something I never thought/knew of. But after watching this, I really really felt sad.
  9. Sayonil Mitra

    This is a new song I made

    I am trying to improve as a composer, learning little things each day. Any feedback/suggestions for improvement is deeply appreciated.
  10. Sayonil Mitra

    Don't get Distracted

    First of all, I am sorry for not being as active as I thought I should be on this forum. I will try to be more consistent. OK, now to the topic. So the situation I am in right now is this: I want to have a career in music, especially as a guitarist or a youtube guitarist (whichever I can...
  11. Sayonil Mitra

    Meaning of 3-1-3?

    I saw those latest pentatonic lessons from Syn (the ones we got through email). There is one called pentatonic 3-1-3 a minor. Why is it called 3-1-3? I do not see a 3-1-3 pattern. help please.
  12. Sayonil Mitra

    "Are You Talented??"

    How much talented are you? For last couple of days, I was thinking about this question. I have asked this to myself sometimes. People sometimes asked me this (often NOT to encourage me). This question might give rise to self doubtif not answered properly or thought about properly. Here’s what I...
  13. Sayonil Mitra

    This is a song me and my friend wrote a while back

    Hope you enjoy
  14. Sayonil Mitra

    Create Scales whenever you want

    First: Why?? There are millions of scales out there and each one has it’s own mood, tricks etc. So you will never run out of new licks to discover that is for sure. BUT… sometimes it may be daunting. The fact that there is sooooo much to learn may be not so exciting always. And trust me, when...
  15. Sayonil Mitra

    What does Syn do in So Far Away?

    In the first half of the song, sometimes a note has a high pitched, shrieking tail end to it. It sounds like some artificial harmony but I am not sure. I really love that vibe, let’s say, the aftertaste of those notes in that solo. I am clueless about how to do it, how to bring out that tone...
  16. Sayonil Mitra

    Can't post a riff

    Maybe it’s a bug again.
  17. Sayonil Mitra

    Need your opinions here.

    I recently discovered that anyone can design and sell t-shirts, hoodies etc online. So definitely trying my hand there. You can try as well. I made something for people in this forum as well. But I am not sure if this is good or needs some improvements. I am sharing the link here. Tell me what...
  18. Sayonil Mitra

    Make Mistakes to Grow and Create Great Solos

    Recently I have started making guitar backing tracks. So today, for some reason, I felt like jamming with my own backing track. Something I regret not doing more often. I just hit the record button and improvised non stop. The thing is, I made loads of mistakes, slips etc. I was playing patterns...
  19. Sayonil Mitra

    Happy Birthday Syn

    It is 12 am midnight here. And I am thinking how one day a random song, playing randomly on YouTube, made this guy from India a die hard follower of your music. I can safely say, since then, the more I discovered your music, your solos, The more I was amazed at what can done on guitar outside my...
  20. Sayonil Mitra

    For every Guitar lover out there…

    Sometimes it might happen that you feel a bit lost about guitar (or any instrument in general). Or you need something new to push you for practising harder, exploring more. This forum has seen some instances. I just want to share a playlist, which brought back that small kid inside me who still...
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