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  1. Cooper Brady

    Is it hard to play without fret inlays?

    So the title is pretty self explanatory. I've been playing for maybe a year and a half and own two guitars. Both have fret inlays in the obvious spots. Now, I'm looking at a used Schecter Apocalypse with a Floyd Rose system, sustainiac, pretty much everything I can do to get the Synyster Gates...
  2. Cooper Brady

    What is your opinion on "The Stage" album in its entirety?

    So I don't even know if this thread will get seen, this being my first thread. But I listen to a lot of Avenged and The Stage is easily one of my favorite albums. However, I see a lot of people across the internet bashing it. I think the album is a masterpiece, but I'd love to hear you guy's...
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