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ABBEY ROAD by The Beatles

Gabby Heafy

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  • Apr 5, 2020
    Hey all,
    I’ve made a playlist keeping track of each AOTM! I figured it’d be cool to have em all in one place, and give any new students who join up later a chance to go back and listen to any that they may have missed :money-face:
    I’ll be updating it each month as the albums are announced! :rock-hand:

    that's great! thank you :)

    Yosi Yamin

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    Nov 11, 2019
    I've got to say that listening to the entire album for the first time just made my morning. I just had a long drive and I got to really concentrate on the music, and I'm honestly in awe by how beautiful each song was. I loved every single thing about the chord changes, the melodies, the vocals through the album and I'm so glad that I was lucky enough to give this brilliant masterpiece a try!!
    My favorite song right now is Octopus's Garden - I dont feel like I've ever heard anything that felt like this song. The chord changes on the end of I Want You (She's So Heavy) Especially stood out to me, I just wished that the outro would continue on and on and never end. I love the guitars through Here Comes The Sun as well. The chord changes on "Because" are so beautiful and sit so perfectly with the vocals - I find the vocal melodies on "You Never Give Me Your Money" ridiculously beautiful, and I love the short guitar solo on that song, it captures the energy of the song so well!! Syn, Thank you so much for sharing your favorite albums with us again, this is a huge gift and we truly appreciate it brother!