ADVANCED THEORY - Lesson 6 - Fermata

Andrei Moraru

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Nov 11, 2019
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So like, are there any other people out there who coined these terms aside from Italians?
  1. Topics of discussion
  2. Fermata explained
1. Topics of discussion

In this tutorial, we will be discussing the concept of fermata. So, let's have some fun.

2. Fermata explained

In music, a fermata is used on a note to signify the fact that that note is to have a longer length than whatever length is notated on the sheet for it. In other words, whenever you encounter a fermata on a note, you are to play that note for a longer period than its original length. This is left to each musician's choice but more often than not, the length of the note is to be doubled.

One thing to note is that even though you are meant to play that note for longer than what is written on the sheet, the number of notes from the measure is not affected by it. In other words, if you have 4 quarter notes in a bar and you add a fermata to one of them, you don't need to play fewer notes because of it.

Visually, a fermata looks like this:

Here is the section above, played back.

And yeah, that about covers it for this tutorial. In the next one, we are going to discuss some tempo changing markers. See you then.