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Buy Floyd Rose 6 string, hard tail 7 string or replace pickups?

Flynn Edwards

Free Bird Player
Nov 11, 2019
Hi! Last year, I bought an Ibanez GRG170DX because my current guitar (Epiphone Les Paul Custom Prophecy EX) was too expensive to take to school. I don’t play at school much anymore and, as I’m starting to play longer sets, my Les Paul’s weight is becoming an issue. My Ibanez’s pickups are poor and produce a sound with little clarity and, because I’m a metal guitarist, this is a big issue. I want to get a lighter guitar with high output and good clarity pickups to replace my Ibanez. My budget is under $700 AUD. I can either replace the pickups, buy a 7 string or buy a 6 string with a Floyd Rose. The problem with replacing the pickups is that the hardware isn’t great and it goes out of tune easily with little resale value in replacing the pickups. The problem with the 7 string is I don’t see the necessity to have one till I’m 18 and can play in common metal gigs. The floyd rose seems like the obvious idea at the moment. I like the Blackjack ATX based off specs and pretty much any Jackson with Seymour Duncans. Is it even worth buying something like and Omen or a Dinky and replace the pickups in that. Sorry for the lengthy intro. I’m worried about sustain issue with floyd rose.

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