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Collab! Current update IMPORTANT!

Aileé Guerra Aréizaga

Staff member
Nov 11, 2019
Hi everyone! Just a quick update to let everyone know where we are at!
As I mentioned on my last post, we had originally set the 27th as a tentative date to begin filming, but we are still working on the necessary preparations and are tending to some recent changes in lineup that have happened over the last month.

We are working really hard to make sure we can begin filming on Saturday August 1st.
Filming will be done by sections in order to ease my post-production process and this are the tentative dates we have planned, if everything goes according to plan.

Bridge, Outro & Pre chorusesAug 1st -7th
Verses 1 & 2Aug 8th -14th
ChorusesAug 15th - 21st
BuildupAug 22nd - 28th

Please, check your calendars and let us know early if there are any scheduling conflicts with your assigned date, so that we may resolve them!

We thank you for the incredible patience you all have shown throughout this process, we are almost there!

In the meantime, please continue to practice your parts, especially timing-wise. Accurate timing is a MUST for a project like this to work out! Seriously, I cannot stress this enough. Did I mention timing already? Anyway...USE YOUR METRONOMES!!!

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