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Rebecca Brotherston

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Nov 11, 2019
To be honest I didn’t like it really to begin with. I persevered with it though and now I love it! You have to listen to it with an open mind. I embrace it now and just go with it, I’m intrigued to see what else they are going to throw into it and just roll with it. It’s truly enlightening! I have a few favourites on the album now, Carry Stress in the Jaw (including secret song) and After School Special.

When playing on vinyl apparently After School Special is the last track before you have to turn the record over. So when it says the why are you tickling me part, it is the record talking to the pin of the record player as it’s returning to that starting position 😂

Think it’s funny that the secret song was originally recorded without Trevor Dunn's input or knowledge. Not long before it was released Trevor Dunn managed to find it and added a vocal track

Thank you so much Syn for recommending Disco Volante! Looking forward to your next recommendations 😊


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Nov 19, 2019
:syngates:Yo family! Wanted to start doing a monthly album discussion based on records that have changed my life and musical path. We are kickin it off with Mr. Bungle’s insanely ambitious sophomore release, Disco Volante.

Jimmy made me a mixtape of some of the most avant-garde shit I had ever heard at 13 years old ranging from Primus, The Residents, Bungle, and beyond.

I HATED this mixtape with a passion for two whole weeks until a small spark of curiosity grew rapidly into a deep and profound obsession.

The mixtape had songs from the previous eponymous record which, as obscure as it was to me at the time, paled in comparison to my first listen of Disco.

Already a huge fan of the band, I did however HATE this record for two whole weeks until a spark of curiosity grew rapidly into a deep and profound obsession.

I was pissed that Patton didn’t sing, Spruance didn’t solo, no clown music etc. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Patton’s vocals and the entire bands performance interwoven throughout a chaotically beautiful and terrifying “soundtrack”, transcended anything I’d ever heard before. One of my favorite song writers of all time, Trevor Roy Dunn, composes masterful and incredibly singable atonal brilliance throughout. The man is nothing short of pure genius in my humble opinion.

I now focused solely on orchestrating my guitar parts with deep sensitivity towards the soul of the song. This gift of perspective was the greatest of any in my musical history.

Like ALL of my favorite things in life, this is an acquired taste, so please, give it time.

All my love,
Pretty sick recommendation. I definitely had a similar first impression but I let it marinate for a while and then gave it another couple spins. I think with anything, it might take a bit to get used to but once you start peeling back layers and drop all your expectations, that's when you can really become inspired. This is a perfect example of that for me! I had to give it about 10 spins before it really hit me how serious the depth is to the musicality here and what it is that they're trying to portray.

Looks like I'm a bit late to the party on this thread, but I'm psyched I saw this and thanks for the insight!
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