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"Fan" Badges? It'd Be So Much Fun!

Jak Angelescu

Guitarist for Unknown🎸 Mother of Dragons🐉
Staff member
  • Sep 24, 2019
    Kansas City, MO
    Okay, so we get more than just guitarists here. We have TONS of people that don't play guitar, but they are ENORMOUS cheerleaders and fans of the students and school! I thought it'd be great to have badges for fans like what we get. We'd also be able to recognize what they are on the school, and thank them for their endless support and camaraderie. Top fans who give the most support (XP points? Somehow?) can get a higher rank on the fan list. We can give them cool names like (from lowest to highest)

    1. Coachella Camper
    2. Mosher
    3. Crowd Surfer
    4. Backstage
    5. Diehard Synner

    These may be dumb as hell but I just threw them in there to give an idea. I'd love to see them get some love, too!

    Muz Malek

    Hot Topic Tourer
    Nov 11, 2019
    Interesting idea @Jak Angelescu ! There has been an influx of “support” students if you will, and it would be fun to recognize them. I do also agree with @Ids Schiere that the main focus should still be on the guitar students.
    It does seem that people are more drawn to the social aspect, and I totally get that. However, even though people aren’t talking about the lessons as much as they used to, there are always convos going on about other elements of guitar and questions arise all the time about gear, trem systems, amps, etc. which is awesome because those conversations are still geared towards learning.
    In a positive way - this site's like its own little Facebook xD