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Fundamentals of Playing Guitar - Confusion on G shape pattern for soloing for fun lesson


Free Bird Player
Aug 16, 2020
Ok so in the video here:

It is explained that when playing the G pattern for six note soloing, during the "chord changes" part, the changes that are covered are: G, Bb (flat), then C. But it is also explained by papa gates that "we have the option of staying there" (on the Bb) and i guess continuing the pattern back to the starting note of G again (in a circle) or playing from the Bb fret. Can someone clarify this please? I feel like I'm not understanding all of the material here. So it seems like you're learning/playing the pentatonic scale for beginners (when I looked into it more on YouTube. Trouble for me is, music theory (even the basic stuff), math and I never quite got along. I struggled with music theory and learning with concert pieces even in high school and struggled again when learning to read guitar sheet music. So my understanding of music is the bare basics, which is all I need, but when it comes to guitar it's a different story. So the best way to explain this to me would be as if I'm five. Make it as simple as possible, I won't be offended. If the explanation goes into advanced theory, perhaps the best way to understand the last section of the video (with a G shape) is that Bb is the exception when playing the scale with a G shape? Is that it? But then I still don't understand what it means to play on the Bb fret.

Also, whenever I complete the video lessons, the lessons are never marked as "completed" on my profile. The ones that I have started and completed are all still marked as "in progress". I've gone through a couple of videos already but nothing shows as completed on my profile, even if I watch the videos again or just skip to the end, the lessons never update.
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