Getting started all over again!


Nov 11, 2019
Hi guys, this is my first time posting to the site. Very excited to be a part of all this! I’m sure that a lot of you are here for the exact same reason and that’s to bask in the infinite guitar wisdom of Syn and Papa Gates!
So to tell you all a bit about myself and why I’m here, I’ve been playing guitar for about 5-6 years now. I’ve had a number of different teachers good and bad and I’ve taught myself a lot too. The problem I keep having is whenever I get on a learning streak and I feel I’m making good progress on the guitar I always eventually come to a sort of block and I don’t seem to progress much for a while after. I tend to lose interest in playing when I come to a block and at times I won’t pick up a guitar to try and learn something new for months sometimes. This is something I really desperately want to try and get over because it always brings me down so I’m hoping that the Synyster Gates school will help me to get over it! With the help of Syn, Papa Gates and you guys in the community I hope to better my playing and unlock my full potential. I know it’s there somewhere! Just needs a bit of coaxing to come out.
This site is such a great idea and I’d like to personally thank Syn and Papa G for getting it up and running! To have your favorite guitarist start up something like this is an absolutely amazing feeling. It’s almost as good as sitting down in a room with them teaching you. I hope I can get back on track on my road to becoming a badass guitar God like Syn and I will do my best to track my progress on this site. Upload some vids, chat to you guys in the forums, maybe exchange some ideas and what not. It’s gonna be great! I’ve already gone through the beginner lessons and obviously for someone who’s been playing for 5-6 years it was pretty simple stuff but I’m glad I started from the very beginning because I’ve picked up a couple of things like the way I hold the guitar and the pick have been wrong. So next on to the Intermediate course! Where I’m more likely to find whats causing the blocks and hopefully get over them. It could be more towards the advanced stuff though. I wouldn’t say I’m a terrible guitarist right now but there is definitely a lot of room for improvement. Mostly when it comes to solos/improvising and all the real technical stuff.
Just want to say a huge thanks again to Syn and Papa G! And I look forward to learning with the rest of you guys and from you guys too! Also I hope everyone’s having a good day where they are right now!

Logan Pennington

New member
Nov 11, 2019
I totally agree and I’m in the exact same boat it takes a tremendous amount of discipline and consistency to push through those tough moments but when I take a 24-48 hour break after practicing really hard for a weak I find I’m playing it a lot smoother when I come back I’m so excited for this school and the potential to bring great musicians together in a world where they claim rock is dead but they have know idea I’m starting from the beginning as well and have enjoyed relearning and its actually very humbling hope to see your progress ill be posting mine as well and trying to learn YouTube lol Thanks Syn & Papa G we love yall and our forever grateful!