Goals and Progression

Sebastian Cavallaro

New Student
Nov 11, 2019
Lately, I have been busy working on a number on a number of things, For example, I have to work been editing effects, music and other sounds for this one minute clip in attempt to start learning how to incorporate music into film, some jazz guitar (which has been both fun and challenging from a guy who has played mostly rock and metal), I have also been beginning to get into teaching and have been some bands as a “mentor”.
With all of this being done I haven’t been on here for ages and coming it back to this school has made me realise how much of good resource is this for learning as well as getting feedback. So with that being said…
I am curious to find out what are some of your goals, what have you been working on and where are you planning on trying to reach? I am personally, currently at a stage where I am looking into getting into some writing and starting a new band due to it being nearly 8 months since I left my last band
Sorry for rambling on I just thought it would interesting to engage with some people on here

Ids Schiere

Hot Topic Tourer
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Personally I have been working on gypsy jazz a lot. Not so much electric guitar to be honest. Usually I set my goals per week. For the next week(like from next Monday until sunday) I want to do the blues scale, 12 bar blues, chromantic scale, diminished scale, hybrid picking exercise 1 and also Syn’s alternate picking etude VIII from this scool and I also wanna try and learn Money by pink Floyd. Depending on whether I’ll go to my parents next weekend I will also work on some gypsy jazz. I’m not sure whether I’ll meet all this but I’mm gonna try!

    Calvin Phillips

    New Student
    Nov 11, 2019
    My goals right now, are you fully train my pinky finger into my playing. For 10 years, I could shred at a decent speed using 3 of 4 my fingers, which you can imagine created a lot of problems with some licks I wanted to play. But the motivation and inspiration this site has given me to learn my scales has me slowly implementing my pinky finger in. I can now play some triplets with my pinky now at certain paces, but I’m not quite where I want to be yet. Always room for improvement.
    My other goal is to try and find a solid 4 man band to start jamming some of my material with.

    Daniel Sobota

    New Student
    Nov 11, 2019
    Dubrovnik, Croatia
    Well, there are 2 goals for me right now. First, the utopian, therefore to impossible one, is to create a band that will play with Avenged and all my other favorite bands and carry the torch for metal in the 2020’s. The other, more possible one, is to learn how to play decently and being able to write songs. I’m not really interested in being “the best shredder” or whatever, I’d like to have a set of skills and knowledge where I can shred “alright” but also being able to write good songs.

    Noah Berends

    New Student
    Nov 11, 2019
    My main goal on this website is to establish good patterns of learning throughout my entire musical career, to learn the proper knowledge I need to both play the guitar correctly and to write music correctly, and to begin writing my own music using everything I learn, with that eventually (hopefully) leading into my own career in music.

    Ed Seith

    Supreme Galactic Overlord
    Staff member
    Nov 11, 2019
    Marana, AZ USA
    My main goal here is theory and techniques I never bothered to put time into, but I now feel I’m limited without.
    And in large part, I’m here to help more than be helped.

    Jen Hapke

    New Student
    Nov 11, 2019
    I have so many goals. I want to learn everything I am able to learn.
    I want to get every little detail from every lesson. That’s why I’m rewatching them over and over again and allways add something. For example I first learned the pentatonics in the CAGED system and then added the major scales. Now I’m adding the arpeggios and double stops. I will play over backing tracks over and over again until I can use everything and then go to the next key and repeat. That’s just one example for a smaller goal.
    But my future goal is to get a better understanding of music and learn through the theory to learn songs faster and understand what happens in the song. This will probably help me to write my own music.

    Vasrely Derian

    New Student
    Nov 11, 2019
    I have a lot of guitar goals for myself, here’s a list of my main ones.
    -Learn Finger Picking
    -Learn all notes positions around fret board
    -Learn basic guitar music theory
    -Learn Harmonic Major and Minor scale
    -Learn Modes
    -Build Chords
    -Circle of Fifths
    -Chord Wheel
    -CAGED System
    Along with that, I also have to learn a few solos and finger picking songs.
    Along with that, I also have to deal with school stuff.
    Along with that, I’m also planning/working on a career on Video/Film editing/Video Post Production stuff.
    (As you can see, yepp… I skipped some of the lessons)

    Mariler Ferrer

    Free Bird Player
    Nov 11, 2019
    Zaragoza, Spain
    I think of guitar like a lifelong learning. There is always something new and this is why it is so excitng.
    My goals right now are to understand more of the music theory and increase my speed when I play.
    But the most important goal for me is to have as much fun as I can playing my guitar, learning and experimenting with music…and also meeting other people as crazy about music and guitarig as I am.
    Sharing this passion with other people is to me the best part of learning .

    Calvin Phillips

    New Student
    Nov 11, 2019
    Always learn new things with guitars. Sometimes all you need is a different guitar or amp, effect etc.. and suddenly you have a whole new idea for something that you couldn’t do on another guitar or amp. Always learning new things.

    Sebastian Cavallaro

    New Student
    Nov 11, 2019
    A very interesting point brought up about the guitar being something you don’t stop learning, I remember just picking it up and never thinking how far it would take me.
    I think I am going to try that thing that Jen mentioned, about going over again but adding new techniques to it. Seems to be a good strategy.
    It seems like a lot of people are interested in learning theory and as someone just starting to dive into it, it has definitely has helped my playing.

    Dan Shipway

    New Student
    Nov 11, 2019
    More theory-Mainly modes and scales
    Bending-about 98% of the time its in tune but it needs to be 100%
    Improve crossover picking
    Improve Alternate and economy picking
    Learn multi-finger tapping and use middle finger for tapping
    Clean sweep picking up (Muting)
    Try and sync up hands more